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The Top 10 Fastest Electric Scooters, According to Real Data


As editor’s choice awards go, curating a list of the fastest electric scooters has been the most fun we’ve ever had. Our criteria was simple: the scooters had to go faster than anything else we’ve ridden.

We looked at manufacturers’ claimed top speeds and found them wanting. Most scooter specs are theoretical or obtained in ideal settings, and scooter speedometers tend to exaggerate a little.

We’ve also included two kinds of data for acceleration: speed from standing still to 330 ft and from 0 to 30 miles per hour. We’ll explain more below.

Our method relies on using pro-grade tools and doing bi-directional speed runs to cancel out the effects of headwinds, tailwinds, uneven surfaces, and slight inclines. You can learn more about our testing methodology at the end of the article.

These are the fastest electric scooters we have personally tested. We don’t claim these the fastest electric scooters in the world. That honor might go to the mighty Slack Core 920R, an all-racing e-scooter you’ll probably never see off the track.

Caution! We do top-speed runs, so you don’t have to. It’s important to prioritize safety and follow recommended guidelines when riding fast electric scooters. 

Speed runs should only be conducted in controlled environments by professional riders who understand the risks involved and the regulations of the area. Always ride responsibly and within legal limits.

Okay, no more standing around. Let’s go….

The Top 10 Fastest Electric Scooters: Measured Top Speed Leaderboard

(Where’s Number One? Stay tuned….)

Measured Top Speed mph 1024x726 1

Fobos X 1 1


54.8 MPH – ESG Top Speed

70 MPH – Manufacturer top speed

Unlocked via app, the FOBOS X promised a top speed of 70 mph. We struggled with getting it working at first, but when we finally put the scooter through our speed test, it delivered a top speed of 54.8 mph.

The FOBOS X has the most abrupt throttle ever, but it also has one of the best steering dampers we’ve seen. Nonetheless, it wobbled a little at full speed. Here’s what we liked:

  • NUTT hydraulic brakes
  • Generous grip tape
  • Three speed modes: 1=25 mph, 2=35 mph, 3=Max Speed
Top: The Top 10 Fastest Electric Scooters, According to Real Data

Vsett 11 Super 72 1 EC 1

#9 VSETT 11+ Super 72

54.9 MPH – ESG top speed

65 MPH – Manufacturer top speed

A sporty-feeling performance scooter, VSETT rates the 11+ Super 72 for a top speed of 65 mph – and while the speedometer showed an eyebrow-raising 72 mph, our testing equipment told us otherwise.

Thanks to a 2 minute boost to both motors from 43 to 51 amps with Turboboost engaged, the VSETT 11+ Super 72 achieved an official max speed of 54.9, according to ESG measurements.

We wouldn’t want to hold the less-than-ergonomic trigger throttle for long at 50+ mph speeds, but there’s a lot to like:

  • Dual stem provides excellent stability
  • Rear hydraulic shocks make the 11+ Super 72 great at carving
  • Longer swing arms for more suspension travel
  • Zoom hydraulic brakes are excellent

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Top: The Top 10 Fastest Electric Scooters, According to Real Data

dualtron thunder stock image min

#8 Dualtron Thunder II

58.3 MPH – ESG top speed

74.6 MPH – Manufacturer top speed

Although it falls short of Minimotors’ claimed top speed of 74.6 mph, the Dualtron Thunder II still unleashes explosive speed and acceleration.

“It felt like turning on the nitrous,” our tester Paul said, “shoving me forward to a legit 58.3 miles per hour.” 

The maximum speed of 58.3 mph is only achievable by double-clicking the throttle for an added 1680 watts of power when the scooter’s already in max performance mode and hitting its full speeds – an exhilarating boost for thrill seekers of all kinds.

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Top: The Top 10 Fastest Electric Scooters, According to Real Data

NAMI Burn E 1 EC 1 1


58.8 MPH – ESG top speed

60 MPH – Manufacturer top speed

The original NAMI BURN-E remains the fastest version of Michael Sha’s revolutionary BURN designs we’ve ridden, coming close to its claimed top speed of 60 mph with a wind-whipping 58.8 mph. 

This is a scooter built for high speed, with sturdiness you get from a motorcycle-grade hand-welded tubular frame and carbon fiber stem with adjustable front and rear suspension. What else we like:

  • Incredibly smooth throttle response after a brief initial dead spot
  • Efficient, powerful sinewave controllers
  • Enormous deck

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Top: The Top 10 Fastest Electric Scooters, According to Real Data

Minimotors Dualtron Storm Limited 1 EC 1 1

#6 Dualtron Storm Limited

59.9 MPH – ESG top speed

55 MPH – Manufacturer top speed

Like the Thunder II, the Dualtron Storm Limited has a double-click throttle that will raise the peak current for a couple minutes – from 45 to 60 amps per motor – to push more Watts. 

Turboboost gave the Storm Limited a certified top speed of 59.9 mph. 

Even speed junkies might find the boost a little too intense, especially since the rubber suspension is quite stiff at first and takes some time to fully break in. But there’s a lot to like, including:

  • Glued-in-place grips that won’t slip out of place
  • Steering damper and three stem bolts for stability
  • Extra-long deck and adjustable handlebars for ergonomic riding

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Top: The Top 10 Fastest Electric Scooters, According to Real Data

Kaabo Wolf king GT 1

#5 Kaabo Wolf King GT

61 MPH – ESG top speed

62 MPH – Manufacturer top speed

The reigning speed champ for a while, the Wolf King GT has been dethroned by the newer, faster Wolf King GTR. But it’s no slouch, with a tested max speed of 61 mph, just 1 mph shy of Kaabo’s estimated spec. 

The GT is powerful, heavy, and the first electric scooter we’ve ridden over 60 mph. What we like:

  • Famous Kaabo dual-stem stability
  • Efficient sinewave controllers make the scooter as smooth as a BURN-E

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Top: The Top 10 Fastest Electric Scooters, According to Real Data

Inmotion RS 1 2

#4 InMotion RS

62.1 MPH – ESG top speed

68 MPH – Manufacturer top speed

A surprise entry from a company known for unicycles and casual commuter e scooters, the RS seemingly came out of nowhere to rock a top speed of 62.1 in our tests, with one of the few accurate speedometers we’ve ever encountered. 

The RS has great handling, thanks to wide handlebars and a long and low stance. Our tester Paul liked it so much, he rode it to 2nd Place in our recent Rider Fest electric scooter race in Alameda, CA. What else is there to love?

  • Adjustable built steering damper eliminates any wobbles at top speed on stiffest setting
  • Did we mention the accurate speedometer? 
  • Paul’s racing scooter of choice and Mitchell’s second favorite electric scooter after the NAMI Klima. Nuff said?

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Top: The Top 10 Fastest Electric Scooters, According to Real Data

Vsett 11 Super 72 1 EC 1

#3 Dualtron X Limited

62.5 MPH – ESG top speed

70 MPH – Manufacturer top speed

The biggest and baddest of the Dualtrons, the X Limited claims a maximum speed of 70 mph. In our tests we first got 61.7, then – after unlocking a new app setting – reached a top speed of 62.5, edging out the new InMotion RS for 3rd place. 

The X Limited isn’t something most people are likely to buy at $7000, but Paul found a lot to love about it, including its range of 86.4 miles. And while the X Limited weighs in at a completely non-portably 183 lbs, it’s also got:

  • A huge deck
  • Ultra-smooth throttle response 
  • Incredible suspension

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Top: The Top 10 Fastest Electric Scooters, According to Real Data

Kaabo Wolf King GTR 1 2

#2 Wolf King GTR

65.8 MPH – ESG top speed

62 MPH – Manufacturer top speed

The Wolf King GTR came out this year and quickly claimed the throne and scepter of Speed King, achieving a maximum speed of 65.8 mph in our tests – that’s 2.8 mph faster than Kaabo’s own estimation! 

While Paul actually saw 76 mph on the speedometer, there are several factors, including tailwinds and slight inclines, that can affect high speeds, which is why we take an average of two runs in both directions.

This a frighteningly fast electric scooter, “dangerous even,” Paul warned, without the traction control engaged at high speeds. There’s a lot of other great features for the daring, including:

  • Removable battery
  • 12” self-sealing tires
  • Best-in class lighting

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Top: The Top 10 Fastest Electric Scooters, According to Real Data

EMOVE roadster

#1 EMOVE Roadster

72.1 MPH – ESG top speed

80 MPH – Manufacturer top speed

Three years in the making, the Roadster is a monster, with a tested, certified top speed of 72.1 mph, the fastest electric scooter we’ve ever ridden and a huge leap beyond the Wolf King GTR.

Is it the fastest electric scooter in the world? That honor may go to the Slack Core 920R, which has been recorded at over 90 mph. But the Roadster earns its place at number one on our list as the fastest electric scooter in production (that is, a scooter you can presumably go out and buy right now) we’ve ever ridden.

Some highlights:

  • 3rd largest battery of any scooter we’ve tested (behind the Dualtron Storm Ltd and Dualtron X Ltd)
  • Peak power is over 15,500 Watts
  • Load capacity is the highest we’ve ever seen at 550 lbs

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Top: The Top 10 Fastest Electric Scooters, According to Real Data

Acceleration Vs. Top Speed

Fobos X and Vsett11and Thunder 2 and BURN E and storm limited and Wolf King GT and Inmotion RS and X limited and wolf king GTR Acceleration Curves 9 2

What’s more important than top speed? A lot of things, but in terms of performance, 0 to 30 acceleration times are critical since you need acceleration at every stoplight.

Not all of the fastest electric scooters on our leaderboard are the fastest off the starting line, and one of our quickest scooters isn’t a scooter at all but an electric dirt bike made by one of our favorite scooter manufacturers.

The fact is, most people won’t ever experience the thrill of riding 55+ mph on an electric scooter, and not only because it’s illegal most places, but also because it’s seriously dangerous. However, anyone who rides can feel the joy of a fast liftoff.

We originally measured these scooters before testing the EMOVE Roadster, which has since moved into the top spot for both top speed and fastest acceleration.

Below are the ten electric scooters that will get you up to cruising speed the quickest. (Grayed out models do not appear in our top speed leaderboard.)

Top: The Top 10 Fastest Electric Scooters, According to Real Data

The Top 10 Fastest Electric Scooters: Acceleration from 0-30

4.3 s

NAMI BURN E 2 1 EC 1 1

4.1 s

Segway GT2 1 EC 1 1

3.7 s

NAMI Burn E 1 EC 1 1

3.6 s

Solar E Clipse 1 1 1

3.5 s

Inmotion RS 1 2

3.1 s

EMOVE roadster

Acceleration to 330 ft: What does this mean?

We consider the 1/16th mile (330 ft) time test to be a gold standard for determining electric scooter acceleration performance, much like the 1/4 mile time for muscle cars. Aside from 330 ft being the distance in which most electric scooter acceleration curves flatten out, it’s also relevant to city riding.

A typical city block is roughly 400 ft, and when you factor in room to slow down before the next light, 330 ft is a perfect distance to measure the fastest electric scooter off the starting blocks.

To perform well at this test, the scooter needs both a blend of low-end acceleration as well as respectable top speed. The distance is not so long that it favors scooters with the absolute highest top speed; it is not so short that it favors only scooters with excellent acceleration off the line.

Only scooters with measured 1/16th mile times on the RG test track have been included. (Grayed out models do not appear in our top speed leaderboard.)

Top: The Top 10 Fastest Electric Scooters, According to Real Data

Top 10 Fastest Electric Scooters: Acceleration to 330 Ft.

8.5 s

Minimotors Dualtron Storm Limited 1 EC 1 1

8.4 s

Segway GT2 1 EC 1

8.4 s


8.0 s

Solar E Clipse 1 1 1

7.9 s

NAMI Burn E 1 EC 1

7.1 s

EMOVE roadster

A Clear Winner in Every Category, But What About…?

We could not have planned it this way: we finished all of our testing for our list of fastest electric scooters months before Voro Motors released their carbon-fiber frame EMOVE Roadster.

emove roadster electric scooter review 1

Once we tested the Roadster, however, we had to go back and revise our conclusions. (You’ll note that our 10 Fastest Electric Scooters video does not include the Roadster).

Is it something in the motors? Battery? Controllers? Is it the full carbon fiber frame that makes the difference?

Probably some ineffable combination of the above.

What we can say is that it has been a serious competition in 2023 for the fastest production electric scooter, with Kaabo’s Wolf King GT giving up its top spot to the Wolf King GTR, Inmotion RS, and the EMOVE Roadster. We’re sure to see more fast scooters coming our way in 2024.


But what about the big boutique, bespoke, and custom scooters out there? Or brands like Bronco and Weped with reputations for boundary-breaking speed?

Well… we have not had the chance to test these scooters yet, although we’d love to. (A failed attempt with a Weped led to a $7,000 scooter that went 15 mph.)

The truth is, we can’t recommend spending money on scooters that make big promises but can take months to get built and shipped and have few online reviews or happy customers.

Top: The Top 10 Fastest Electric Scooters, According to Real Data

More on Specs and Methodology 

A scooter’s power specs, such as motor wattage and voltage, are essential in determining its speed capabilities. Scooters with high power outputs deliver the necessary torque for impressive acceleration and top speeds.

All the scooters we tested are rated at either 72V or 84V, with peak power outputs of over 8000W. That said, there’s no standard rating for power output and different manufacturers use different methods to rate motor power.

Using our speed testing procedure, we measured each scooter’s top speed with accuracy and dependability. Because such factors can affect the actual top speed riders experience in real-world situations, our method maintains constants for elements like rider weight, terrain, riding technique, and performance settings.

By testing all our scooters in the same way, we can standardize a wide range of different manufacturer specifications and testing procedures.

As always, your mileage – and top speeds and acceleration times – may vary.


So, what’s the fastest electric scooter on the market? For 2023, the EMOVE Roadster takes the award as the fastest professionally tested production electric scooter, but the Wolf King GTR, coming in 2nd place, is much easier to get your hands on at the moment.

In any case, all of the high performance scooters on this list will do well in a race in the hands of a competent rider.

For detailed reviews on most of these scooters, subscribe to our channel and watch individual reviews, or check out the Electric Scooter Guide site. We also have coupon codes and links to the latest prices, so scroll to your favorite scooter and save with Electric Scooter Guide. Engage us in the comments section in our video reviews.

Top: The Top 10 Fastest Electric Scooters, According to Real Data

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