Kaabo Wolf King GTR Review – Fast, Faster, Fastest?

The Kaabo Wolf King GTR is the second fastest and one of the most reliable electric scooters we have ever tested.

Voted best performance per dollar and best performance for heavy riders.

man kneeling behind the kaabo wolf king gtr

Kaabo WOLF KING GTR – $3,995

This is the second fastest production electric scooter Rider Guide has ever tested. Not only does the Wolf King GTR scooter boast impressive max speed, but it also offers exceptional acceleration. In addition, its powerful 4000 W motors with a 13440 W peak power output deliver unrivaled performance on flat ground and on hills while also making the Wolf King GTR the ultimate off-road companion. The performance per dollar is unmatched in its class, granting its award in our Editor’s Choice Best E-Scooters of 2023

The Wolf King GTR has a removable, 2419 Wh battery which makes charging the Wolf King GTR easy and introduces an element of safety. It has large tires that are both comfortable and stable. They come in a hybrid off-road pattern that is not only excellent at rolling over obstacles but is also surprisingly quiet for a scooter that rides this fast. The electric scooter also has traction control, making riding fast so much fun and safer. Lighting is Kaabo standard, as is braking. We also get the famous dual stem stability we’ve come to love on a bunch of Kaabo’s Wolves. The display is unchanged but remains high on our list of favorites. 

Who Is This Scooter For?

This electric scooter is heavy and better suited for riders with SUVs and ground-level parking, as portability is not its strong suit. However, the trade-off is in performance, which is the Wolf King GTR’s entire job description.

The Wolf King GTR scooter boasts a high maximum rider weight capacity of 330 lbs, making it suitable for heavy adult riders of all sizes and ensures a thrilling ride for experienced scooter enthusiasts. Our one complaint concerns the shorter handlebar height of 38.5 inches, which may not be suitable for taller riders.

Kaabo Wolf King GTR Specs

Weight137.6 lbs
Motor power (continuous)4000 W
Motor typeDual motor
Top Speed65 mph (Manufacturer spec)
65.8 mph (ESG tested)
Range55 mi (Manufacturer spec)
43.2 mi (ESG tested)
Battery capacity2419 Wh
Battery recharge time7 hrs
Max rider weight330 lbs
Brake typeDisc (Hydraulic) + Disc (Hydraulic)
Tire typePneumatic (Tubeless) + Pneumatic (Tubeless)
Suspension typeHydraulic + Hydraulic
Built-in lightsFront + Rear
Water resistanceIPX5
UL CertificationUL2272
Top: Kaabo Wolf King GTR Review – Fast, Faster, Fastest?

Our Full Video Review

Top: Kaabo Wolf King GTR Review – Fast, Faster, Fastest?

Kaabo WOLF KING GTR: Performance

Top Speed


From our tests, the Wolf King GTR electric scooter clocked 65.8 mph, making it the second FASTEST SCOOTER we’ve ever tested. (Watch it up against the other 2 fastest electric scooters we have ever tested here.) Interestingly, it went faster than the manufacturer’s spec of 65 mph.

That said, the Kaabo Wolf King GTR won’t do 65.8 mph right out of the box. For that to happen, there are four tricks you need to know to get top speed:

  1. Go into the P-settings and Enable S mode. 
  2. Of course, you’ll have to make sure you’re in dual motor mode, then click up to 5th gear, and then one more click and you’ll see the S. But (surprisingly) that still won’t get you past 60mph. 
  3. Every time Paul hit 60 mph, the GTR would limit out, which can be seen in red on the display. One more click, and it unleashes even more power to boost you up to top speed, and that’s the blue curve. 
  4. And the final trick, which we really don’t recommend, is that you have to tuck down and make yourself as small as possible relative to the wind.

It’s important to remember that S-mode automatically turns off traction control. During the top-speed run, it’s off, and (watch our video) you can hear the front wheel spinning all the way up to 40mph. Paul actually refers to S mode as Sketch mode because he’s definitely going to do sketchy things. It’s fun in its own way but so sketchy that it’s really only useful for drag racing.


The Kaabo Wolf King GTR is one of the quickest electric scooters we’ve tested from 0 to 30 mph, right behind the Roadster (3.1 seconds), at 3.3 seconds.


“The Wolf King GTR has so much power it feels a little bit like riding around with your finger on the trigger of a gun. It just feels bottomless.”


We took the Wolf King GTR out on our hilly range test course, rode it in max performance mode by our 165 lbs rider, and got 43.2 miles.

That said, ridden more conservatively, the average adult rider should get much more range out of the Wolf King GTR. And even better is the provision for dual and fast charging. Our King GTR arrived with a 5 amps charger. After the range test, we charged it for 3 hours, and it was already back at 70%, which is faster than the 5A spec would predict. Therefore, if you pick up a second charger, you can probably fully recharge in just 3 hours!

Additionally, the battery is removable. We don’t really see anyone purchasing a spare to extend the range, but it does make charging extremely convenient.

Top: Kaabo Wolf King GTR Review – Fast, Faster, Fastest?


The Wolf King GTR is outfitted with quality Zoom hydraulic front and rear brakes, with 160 mm large rotors that are 50% thicker than standard rotors.

From a speed of 15 mph, this Kaabo Wolf King Scooter has a stopping distance of 11.5 feet, which is great, especially for a scooter this size. Stop after stop, the braking feel from the Wolf King GTR is better than almost all other electric scooters, which we can credit to the 50% thicker rotors. The significance of such thick rotors is that they’re less likely to warp, bend, or overheat, which is great for longevity. 

Hill Climb

The Wolf King GTR scooter scaled our 200 ft 10% hill in just 6.4 seconds, behind the NAMI’s 6.3-second lead and ahead of the Inmotion RS and the old Kaabo Wolf King GT Pro that tied at 6.5 seconds.


Ride Quality

As is customary, Paul tested the Kaabo Wolf King GTR with performance turned all the way up and with traction control off. The feeling, as he reports, is unmatched, that is until he came out of a corner and grabbed some throttle. He’d get so much front wheel spin, so much so that there was concern that everyday riders attempting to race this way would crash. However, turn on the Wolf King GTR’s traction control, and that’s very unlikely to happen, which is one of our favorite improvements on the new Wolf King scooter.

Even with traction control on, the Kaabo Wolf King GTR is still insanely fast, and it doesn’t kill the fun. In fact, it straight up makes the Wolf King GTR better to ride and actually easier to ride fast. You get a satisfying level of wheel spin when you take off, but now you don’t have to finesse the throttle to keep it from turning electricity into tire smoke.

The GTR gets some of the best suspension you’ll see on an electric scooter and certainly the best we’ve seen on a Kaabo Wolf scooter. The new Wolf King GTR scooter now has adjustable suspension front and rear, which helps you tune the suspension to match your weight and riding style. In addition, knobs just look cool, and they’re fun to turn.

Top: Kaabo Wolf King GTR Review – Fast, Faster, Fastest?

Kaabo WOLF KING GTR: Design, Build & Reliability

The Wolf King GTR rated #2, with a score of 8.82, on our Reliability Index, a number that averages 11 factors such as warranty length, tire type, UL certification, and battery manufacturer.

Standout features include a fender-mounted rear light, wrap-around brake lights, turn signals illuminating the entire side of the scooter, high ground clearance, a powerful peak output of 13440 W, removable rims from the motor, and surprisingly quiet operation.

Even after four generations, Kaabo continues to utilize the world’s most complicated stem latch. Though challenging to use and understand, occasionally pinching fingers, riders appreciate its rock-solid feel during usage. However, recent improvements include enhanced traction, improved handling, and the convenience of swapping tires without wrestling with motor cables or deflating tires.

Kaabo WOLF KING GTR: Is It Worth It? Our Verdict

Now, let’s address the real question: Should you purchase the WOLF KING GTR?

With unparalleled performance per dollar, we guarantee you’ll get your money’s worth. When you shop at Voro Motors, rest assured you’re selecting a reliable option with incomparable customer service, a one-year warranty, and timely repairs or replacements for any faulty parts or components.

Any experienced rider, especially heavy adults, off-road enthusiasts, speed enthusiasts, or those wanting to own the world’s fastest production scooter, will appreciate this electric scooter.

So, if you’re seeking an award-winning, safe, high-speed beast with dual-stem stability, a grippy deck and bars, durable wheels, world-class braking, an industry-leading lighting system, and anti-theft features, the WOLF KING GTR is your recommended next purchase.

Top: Kaabo Wolf King GTR Review – Fast, Faster, Fastest?

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