The Apollo City Pro: A Commuter Gold Standard

The Apollo City Pro electric scooter has been a longtime favorite of ours at Electric Scooter Guide, and has become the benchmark for mid-price dual-motor electric scooters

Apollo City Pro 2023 – $1,799

Whenever a new dual motor electric scooter is released for under $2,000, the Apollo City Pro is nearly always the scooter we end up comparing it to. Sure, there are faster scooters for the price, but the City Pro delivers exceptional value in its build quality and design features, while still packing plenty of punch on the performance side.

The Apollo City Pro is designed in Canada, and every year, Apollo continues to fine-tune it, adding innovations and new features and not just limiting the latest and greatest tech to their top-of-the-line scooters.

The latest iteration introduces features and design elements we love from the Apollo Pro, the electric scooter that won best overall design in this year’s scooter awards. These include handlebar-end turn signals, a new proprietary controller, and embedded IoT for the most up-to-date analytics available.

Who Is This Scooter For?

The Apollo City Pro is for experienced riders after a well-built, high-tech, exceptionally comfortable city commuter that checks all the boxes for safety, performance, and style.

The City Pro is not an entry-level scooter, and Apollo offers two less powerful but no less premium entry-level models for first-time riders: the Apollo Air and the dual-motor Apollo Go.

Apollo City Pro Specs

ModelCity Pro
Weight65 lbs
Motor power (continuous)1,000W
Motor typeDual motor
Top Speed32 mph (Manufacturer spec)
31.2 mph (ESG tested)
Range43 mi (Manufacturer spec)
21.9 mi (ESG tested)
Battery capacity960 Wh
Battery recharge time4.5 hrs
Max rider weight265 lbs
Brake typeDrum + Drum + Dual regenerative
Tire type10″ Pneumatic (Tubeless self-healing)
SuspensionFront spring + Rear spring
Water resistanceIP66
UL CertificationUL2272

Our Full Video Review

Top: The Apollo City Pro: A Commuter Gold Standard

Apollo City Pro: Performance

Top Speed

The City Pro hits a top speed of 31.2 mph. This is plenty fast for the average commuter and comparable to the new, single motor, Emove Cruiser S’s 31.7 mph, as well as other scooters in the Apollo City Pro’s price class.


The Apollo City Pro’s ride is about much more than raw numbers, however: Apollo prioritizes a smooth, comfortable ride. That means exceptional build quality, precise handling, and power delivery that actually makes you want to ditch your car full time for an electric scooter.


The Apollo City Pro 2023 hit 15 mph in just 3 seconds. That’s fast, but with the City Pro, you get the perfect blend of feeling like you’re riding a high-end performance scooter, while also being able to dial it back to entry-level limits.

If this is your first electric scooter, you might be taken aback by how fast it is. Thankfully, the acceleration power can be adjusted in the app.

Hill Climb

Like most dual-motor electric scooters, the Apollo City Pro shines on hills. We took the scooter on our usual 200 ft 10% incline, reaching the top in just 11 seconds while accelerating the whole time.

The two 500W motors have plenty of torque, providing optimal performance, and they can carry larger riders with ease right up to the 265 pound weight limit.



Mitchell, our 215-pound rider, went 21.9 miles on a single charge. The City Pro’s 960 Wh battery is 48-volt, just like the 2022 version, but it’s been upgraded from 18 to 20 Ah. With a lighter rider like Paul, who weights 165 pounds, it might even be possible to cover 25 miles in max performance mode.

An electric scooter in this class rarely hits such numbers, so we were quite impressed. And with a 4.5 hour charge time, it’s easy to recharge between rides. 

Top: The Apollo City Pro: A Commuter Gold Standard


Apollo builds the entirety of their electric scooters with high-quality components, including the brakes. It comes with a combination of well-integrated regenerative brakes and dual drum brakes.

Something cool that Apollo does when it comes to braking is that the regular brake levers have position sensors to give you more regenerative braking the harder you pull, unlike typical brake levers, which only switch regen fully on or off.


We ran the brake test twice for this scooter with both Paul and Mitchell. Mitchell, at 215 lbs, brought the scooter to a stop in 13.4 ft from a speed of 15 mph. Paul, who weighs 165 lbs, stopped about a foot sooner.

Ride Quality

The Apollo City Pro’s spring suspension feels very plush, with plenty of travel. Compression is balanced, with a single spring up front to handle the main impact of bumps, and two springs in the rear to keep the back wheel planted. 


Next, we have the scooter’s 10-inch tubeless pneumatic tires, complementing the suspension with shock absorption. Their self-healing nature reduces the risk of punctures, meaning far less maintenance and worry.

Top: The Apollo City Pro: A Commuter Gold Standard

Apollo City Pro: Design, Build & Reliability

Apollo City Pro

We’ve given the City Pro 2023 an reliability score of 9.1 for features like its 1-year warranty, IP66 water resistance rating, self-healing tubeless tires, and overall exceptional build quality.

This third iteration of the City Pro leaps ahead of the competition with its undeniably good-looking and well-crafted frame. The Apollo City Pro is packed with tech and retains an intricate level of customization. Let’s get into some of the upgrades.

The sleek-looking frame is more than just looks; it is extremely reliable and highly durable, and sufficient for riders weighing up to 265 lbs.

Borrowing from the Apollo Pro, the Apollo City Pro 2023 now comes with a new locking mechanism and stays tightly clasped whether you’re riding through gravel or going at top speed.

There’s much more to say about the City Pro’s build quality, and we say it all in our full video!

Apollo City Pro: Is It Worth It? Our Verdict

The Apollo City Pro is the perfect scooter for those who regularly commute but need dual motor power to deal with hills, or who just want better acceleration than single-motor scooters.  

Riders who value quality and design over raw performance numbers and are shopping in this price range will quickly realize that there isn’t really anything on the market with the integration and finish of the Apollo City Pro.

However, there is also the option of the single-motor Apollo City scooter for riders who don’t need the hill-climbing power of the City Pro but want the quality and finish the City Pro offers. 

That said, it should be obvious now why the Apollo City Pro is the benchmark or the gold standard of middleweight dual motor scooters. No scooter at this price is as well rounded, with beautiful design, the latest scooter tech, and balanced performance that makes it great for commuting and recreational riding.

Top: The Apollo City Pro: A Commuter Gold Standard

Mitchell Anderson

Mitchell has been fascinated by electric scooters since 2019. He began sharing his enthusiasm on his YouTube channel, “RK9 Rides,” in 2020. He joined Electric Scooter Guide in 2023, and between the two channels, he spends seven days a week riding, testing, and writing about electric scooters. He has tested dozens of models from dozens of brands and is always on the lookout for the newest and greatest scooters. His current favorite models are the NAMI Klima and the NIU KQi3 Max.

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