Teewing Mars XTR: 3rd Fastest & Most Powerful Production Scooter We’ve Ever Tested

The Teewing Mars XTR is one of the fastest, longest-range electric scooters we’ve ever tested, and it comes at a price that represents an excellent value for the power and speed on display. We tested it against the fastest electric scooters in our arsenal, and we were pretty blown away by the results.

Teewing Mars 10

Teewing Mars XTR – $3,399

People have been asking us to test the Teewing Mars XTR for a while now. With a claimed top speed of 68 mph, dual motors that crank out over 10,000 Watts of peak power, and a price tag under $4,000, it seemed like it could give some of the fastest production scooters we’ve tested a run for their money.

It turns out that the Teewing Mars is so much more than a lookalike of the Wolf King GTR, although its dual stem and camo pattern definitely owe a lot to Kaabo’s beast (the Mars also comes in black), the 2nd fastest scooter we’ve ever tested.

But the Teewing Mars XTR electric scooter has a Samsung battery that’s 34% bigger than the Wolf King GTR’s, and it’s got a higher IP rating, a built-in fire extinguisher, and a type of suspension I’ve only seen on BMW motorcycles!

So, to prove to ourselves that this is no Kaabo knock-off, we put it head to head against the Wolf King GTR, the EMOVE Roadster, Inmotion RS, NAMI Burn-E, VSETT 11+ Super 72, and a few other fast electric scooters (including a couple Dualtrons that clearly inspired the look of the Teewing Mars’ deck).

See the results of our tests in the graphs below.

Teewing Mars 6

Who Is This Scooter For?

Let’s start by talking about who this scooter is not for. It’s not for inexperienced riders. It’s for people who know what they’re doing on electric scooters that hit highway speeds. There are no seatbelts or airbags on these things, so the Teewing Mars XTR is also for people who wear full protective gear when they ride.

This scooter is a great choice if you’re looking for maximum range and maximum performance per dollar. While this is exactly what the Wolf King GTR is supposed to do as well, you won’t find me telling you to pick one or the other. Instead, like normal, I’ll tell you at the end of the review what each one does best and let you decide which of those things is most important to you.

Teewing Mars XTR Specs

ModelMars XTR
Weight (ESG Tested)136.4 lbs
Motor power 4,000W (continuous) / 10,000W (peak)
Motor typeDual motor
Top Speed68 mph (Manufacturer spec)
65.4 mph (ESG tested)
Range88 mi (Manufacturer spec)
56.8 mi (ESG tested)
Battery capacity3240 Wh
Battery recharge time8 hrs
Max rider weight440 lbs
Brake typeNutt Disc (Hydraulic) + Disc (Hydraulic)
Tire typePneumatic (Tubeless + Sealant) + Pneumatic (Tubeless+ Sealant)
Suspension typeTelelever suspension with EXA adjustable hydraulic shocks
Built-in lightsFront + Rear
Water resistanceIP66
UL CertificationNone
Top: Teewing Mars XTR: 3rd Fastest & Most Powerful Production Scooter We’ve Ever Tested

Our Full Video Review

Top: Teewing Mars XTR: 3rd Fastest & Most Powerful Production Scooter We’ve Ever Tested

Teewing Mars XTR: Performance

Top Speed

Did the Teewing Mars XTR hit its specified top speed of 68 mph? If it did, it would be the second fastest production scooter we’ve tested, behind the ESG-certified, 72.1-mph EMOVE Roadster.

The first thing to note is that this thing is very fast. Although I actually saw 71 mph on the speedometer at one point, and it definitely felt like 71 mph, it actually hit a top speed on GPS of 67.7 mph in the eastbound direction.

Since we conduct all top speed runs in two directions to cancel out wind speed, we averaged out the top speed in the other direction, 63 mph, to get a max of 65.4 miles per hour, which makes the Teewing Mars the third fastest production scooter we’ve tested, right behind the Kaabo Wolf King GTR.


I should note, of course, that this scooter, like the Wolf King GTR, comes standard with knobby, off road tires that have more rolling resistance on the road. With slick racing tires, both scooters might gain another mile or so per hour in top speed.


Top speeds matter on a racetrack, but in everyday riding situations, they aren’t nearly as important as acceleration times. With scooters this fast, we look at 0-30 times, and the Teewing Mars XTR again comes out in third place right behind the EMOVE Roadster and Wolf King GTR, with an acceleration time of 0-30 mph in only 3.4 seconds.

As I’ve said, this scooter just feels scary fast, and as I’ll show you in our full video review, you can get deep into the settings if you want to boost torque even more, but I don’t necessarily recommend it.


The Teewing Mars XTR has a ton of modes and a ton of physical buttons (maybe a couple too many?). Once I get into mode 5, we’re in absolutely ridiculous territory.

This is a dual motor scooter and each motor puts out 2,000 watts nominal for a total of 10,000 Watts of peak power. In fact, I did the calculation, I think they’re being a little conservative. By my calculations, it comes out to almost 11,000 Watts of peak power.


One of the most impressive things about this very impressive scooter is its 3,240Wh Samsung battery. It’s 72 volts and it’s massive, making up most of the weight of this 134.6 pound scooter (our tested weight). The Teewing Mars is definitely a team lift up a flight of stairs or onto a truck bed.

In fact, we’ve only tested three electric scooters with larger batteries, the Dualtron X Limited, Dualtron Storm Limited, and the EMOVE Roadster. While we don’t normally do this, we’ve made a leaderboard for battery size and price to show you how this stacks up in terms of value.

In terms of range, the Teewing Mars XTR sits somewhere in the middle of the pack with 56.8 miles of tested range on our range course. The Wolf King GTR, on the other hand, doesn’t rank at all in this category; with its relatively meager 43.2 miles, there’s no comparison

Top: Teewing Mars XTR: 3rd Fastest & Most Powerful Production Scooter We’ve Ever Tested

Teewing Mars 8

The Teewing Mars XTR comes stock with a 6 amp charger that gets the job fully done in 8 hours. You can also buy an optional power inverter for $199 on their website that makes AC power up to 1500 Watts.

Top: Teewing Mars XTR: 3rd Fastest & Most Powerful Production Scooter We’ve Ever Tested


The Mars XTR uses Nutt hydraulic brakes that feel stiff and super solid. It also uses thicker rotors, which a few others, like the Wolf Kings and Inmotion RS, have started to do because there’s less brake fade when rotors heat up and they’re less likely to bend or warp.

The Teewing Mars XTR stopped in 11 feet from 15 mph, behind scooters like the Dualtron Thunder II and NAMI BURN-E. It did, however, outstop the Wolf King GTR. That scooter took 11.5 feet to stop from the same speed.


Hill Climb

We’ll have much more to say about the Teewing Mars XTR’s hill-climbing ability in an upcoming video in which we race this scooter against the fastest production scooters in existence with two different size riders, myself and Ramier, who weighs 235 pounds. The results were surprising, but no spoilers!

For now, we’ll say that on our 200-foot, 10% grade test, the Teewing Mars took top prize, hitting the top of the hill in 6 seconds, and setting a new record, over the Wolf King GTR’s 6.3s, as the fastest hill climbing electric scooter we’ve ridden.

Ride Quality

The suspension on this scooter is like nothing I’ve seen before. It’s got what they call a telelever suspension or a telelever type suspension. This is something that BMW motorcycles have been using for a long time. They attach the shock to a lever that connects the front end to the frame.

By mounting it this way, you get better performance and longevity because you’re not crushing it in the middle. Typical suspension is like putting the shock absorber in the middle of a nutcracker. There’s a lot of leverage in there and it makes the job harder for the shock.

And at the back end, the Teewing has a multi-link suspension. This is something you’ll see on the back of almost every motorcycle in the world because it also helps the shock work better.

I had the suspension adjuster set right about in the middle, and the scooter felt almost exactly like my race bike.

Teewing Mars 9

Top: Teewing Mars XTR: 3rd Fastest & Most Powerful Production Scooter We’ve Ever Tested

Teewing Mars XTR: Design, Build & Reliability

We’ve given the Mars XTR an 8.3 on our Reliability Index, a great score for a scooter with some incredible features (adjustable kickstand!) like a Samsung-made battery, tubeless tires with sealant pre-installed, and a water resistance rating of IP66.

Can you take the Teewing Mars XTR offroad? You can take it anywhere and it will perform like a champ. While its design clearly echoes other models, it does its own thing in its own way, and that thing is a huge amount of power (with very efficient charging) for the most challenging terrain + long range.

Teewing Mars 13

Teewing Mars XTR: Is It Worth It? Our Verdict

Here are just a few of the features of this electric scooter:

  • Only two scooters have faster top speed and acceleration times: the EMOVE Roadster and the Kaabo Wolf King GTR
  • The Teewing Mars XTR is the fastest hill climber we’ve ever tested
  • It comes stock with a 6A charger that can full charge the scooter in 8 hours, or 4 hours if you pick up a second one
  • Self-sealing tubeless tires
  • Telelever suspension with EXA adjustable hydraulic shocks (BMW has been using this on their motorcycles for years)
  • An onboard fire extinguisher that detects battery temperature
  • The battery has a silicone pad that transfers heat to the frame
  • IP66 water resistance rating – basically as high as it gets
  • 10,000W peak power (a low estimate)
  • Nutt hydraulic brakes
  • NFC key + password for maximum security
  • The right side port is for a power inverter ($199 accessory) with a 1,500W draw to charge all other devices, power a laptop, or more
  • Two shipping warehouses in the US. One in California and one in NY, plus a separate repair center in NY

I could go on. Is all that worth $3,399 to you? Only you can say, but we’re pretty impressed with the numbers we saw in these head-to-head comparisons. Check back in to see how the Teewing Mars XTR does in a race up our steep test hill, coming soon.

Top: Teewing Mars XTR: 3rd Fastest & Most Powerful Production Scooter We’ve Ever Tested

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