Solar P1 Pro – A 50 MPH Scooter For Under $2000

4Kw of continuous and 6Kw of peak power for under $2K? Hydraulic brakes + 11″ tubeless tires from a reputable brand with a 2-year warranty?

Okay, Solar P1 Pro, impress us….

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Solar P1 Pro – $1,899

The $3,000+ end of the performance e-scooter market is full of electric scooters that go over 50 miles an hour, vying for a top spot on the fastest electric scooter leaderboards. But if you search our database for a scooter that goes over 50 mph for less than $2,000, you’ll come up empty… until now.

Solar specs their new Solar P1 Pro for 50 mph and, guess what? It went a full 50 mph in our speed tests. That’s almost unheard-of. Electric scooters nearly always come in at least a few mph short of manufacturer estimates, if only because of inaccurately calibrated speedometers.

But then again, most electric scooters aren’t packing 4Kw of continuous dual-motor power.

What’s more, the P1 Pro has dual hydraulic suspension, hydraulic disc brakes, huge 11″ tubeless tires and a massive 60V, 26 amp hour battery with energy-dense 21700-type cells. It’s the same battery as the EMOVE Cruiser S, and the P1 Pro covers almost as much ground as that range champion.

Who Is This Scooter For?

The Solar P1 Pro is built for speed, for adrenaline junkies who can handle said speed, and for riders who want maximum performance and don’t care about special features like an app or the most modern-looking frame design.

This scooter can get out of control in a new rider’s hands. Beginners are better off starting out with the Solar P1 3.0 or Solar EQ, with their smaller 10″ tires and lower speeds.

Solar P1 Pro Specs

ModelP1 Pro
Weight92.2 lbs
Motor power 4,000W (continuous) | 6,000W (peak)
Motor typeDual motor
Top Speed50 mph (Manufacturer spec)
50 mph (ESG tested)
Range50 mi (Manufacturer spec)
35.9 mi (ESG tested)
Battery capacity1560 Wh
Battery recharge time8-9 hrs
Max rider weight330 lbs
Brake typeDisc (Hydraulic) + Disc (Hydraulic)
Tire typePneumatic (Tubeless) + Pneumatic (Tubeless)
Tire diameter11 inches
Suspension typeQuad Spring + Hydraulic
Built-in lightsFront + Rear
Water resistanceIP54
UL CertificationN/A
Top: Solar P1 Pro – A 50 MPH Scooter For Under $2000

Our Full Video Review

Top: Solar P1 Pro – A 50 MPH Scooter For Under $2000

Solar P1 Pro: Performance

Top Speed

Let’s begin, of course, with top speed: the P1 Pro is fast. How fast? Well, it’s by far the fastest electric scooter we’ve ever tested for the price, and it’s not only fast but also very stable-feeling at high speeds.

As always, I did two speed runs, one in each direction, to cancel out the effects of headwinds. While I saw 56 mph on the speedo at one point, the numbers on our data logger, averaged out, gave us an even 50.0 miles per hour.

To get close to that speed on another electric scooter, you’d have to step up $200 to the Kaabo Mantis King GT.

Above, see how the P1 Pro stacks up against similarly-priced electric scooters – and against its sibling, the Solar P1 3.0, which hits a max speed of 41.4 mph for only $1,299, making it the fastest electric scooter in its price class.

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Top: Solar P1 Pro – A 50 MPH Scooter For Under $2000


Top speed is one thing – it’s fun to go fast, but outside of our top speed runs, I rarely get the chance to ride 50+ mph on an electric scooter. Let’s be honest, we spend most of our rides in the 0-30 zone, and a good portion of the time, we’re accelerating from a dead stop at stop signs, red lights, pedestrian crossings, etc.

The time it takes to get back to speed can make all the difference in your ride, and while the Solar P1 Pro has a very good acceleration time from 0 to 15 mph – only 2.1 seconds – the scooter’s time from 0 to 30 is truly exceptional for the money.



With a battery the same size as the EMOVE Cruiser S – a 43+ mile electric scooter – you might expect the Solar P1 Pro to cover a lot of ground, and you’d be right. While it didn’t go quite as far as the Cruiser, I rode the P1 Pro 35.9 miles on our hilly range test course, with all performance settings turned to max.

Set the scooter to ECO mode, or any lesser of the 4 riding modes, and avoid hills, and you might just get the 50 miles of promised range, although we generally recommend using our conservative estimate so you don’t end up trying to fit your scooter in a Lyft.

Top: Solar P1 Pro – A 50 MPH Scooter For Under $2000


The new P1 Pro has Nutt hydraulic disc brakes, which I love, and they just work great, giving the scooter an excellent stopping time of 11.5 seconds from 15 mph.

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Hill Climb

Hill Climbing is also excellent, as you might expect with this much power. Although the P1 Pro ramps up slowly, by the time I reached the top of our test hill, it had taken second place in its price class with a time of only 7.8 seconds to reach the top.

You can count on this scooter to take on just about any hill at any speed.

Ride Quality

While the quad spring front suspension feels a little stiff for my 165 pounds, it’s perfect for larger riders. The rear has no damping adjustment, but doesn’t need it. The suspension just feels really good, especially with the huge 11″ tubeless tires.

The tires, by the way, come in road or knobby off-road versions, your choice, for the same price. There is also an optional seat attachment, which will cost you 59.99.

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Top: Solar P1 Pro – A 50 MPH Scooter For Under $2000

Solar P1 Pro: Design, Build & Reliability

We’ve given the P1 Pro an 8.1 on our Reliability Index, which is very good. There are only a couple small issues that pull down the score.

For one thing, the scooter is not yet UL Certified. While we trust Solar as a brand that warranties high-quality, reliable electric scooters, there’s no substitute for the rigorous testing process of UL Certification. Also, the scooter uses generic battery cells, which have slightly less life than name brand cells.

On the whole, however, I think the P1 Pro (and Solar scooters in general) has very good reliability for the price. Solar gives you a two year warranty on all parts except the battery, which gets one year. There are parts readily available on the website to keep you going long after the warranty is over. And other features like tubeless tires with pre-installed sealant help make this scooter a winner.

Top: Solar P1 Pro – A 50 MPH Scooter For Under $2000
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Solar P1 Pro: Is It Worth It? Our Verdict

The question, really, is this: do you care about amenities like an app or do you want to spend under $2,000 for an electric scooter that can hit 50 mph, take any hill you encounter, cover 35 miles on a single charge, and comes with a 2-year warranty?

While you might find scooters that look like Solar’s and promise the same level of performance for less, you aren’t likely to get it, nor are you likely to get good customer care after your purchase. In our opinion the Solar P1 Pro measures up to scooters that cost twice as much.

Watch our full video review above to see the scooter in action and get a walkthrough of its build and settings, and buy the Solar P1 Pro at the link below.

Top: Solar P1 Pro – A 50 MPH Scooter For Under $2000

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