The Roadrunner D4+ 4.0 Is A LOT of Scooter for the Money

In our review of the Roadrunner D4+ 4.0, we look at the refinements of this 40-mph scooter, check out its ride quality on-road and off-road, and answer the question: Is it worth it?

Roadrunner D4+ 4.0 electric scooter

Roadrunner D4+ 4.0 – $1,899 $1,499

The Roadrunner D4+ 4.0 electric scooter has been through a few iterations, each one more refined than the last. The latest model has dual 1000W hub motors, a 52V 23.4Ah battery for longer range, 10″ tubed tires with split rims, and dual hydraulic suspension with adjustable preload.

Given these specs, you might expect some serious performance from this scooter. Does it actually go 40 mph? We find out in our speed test, and we’ll get to all the other features that make this electric scooter a serious contender for best in class at its current price of $1,499.

Who Is This Scooter For?

The Roadrunner D4+ 4.0 is made for the electric scooter enthusiast ready to step up to a dual-motor intermediate ride with some premium features and loads of power

It’s also a great choice for heavier or taller riders, with its weight capacity of 330 pounds telescoping stem, and massive deck. The scooter’s a little heavy at 70 pounds and not the most portable for commuting, but it folds compactly and isn’t too difficult to carry up and down stairs.

Roadrunner D4+ 4.0 Specs

ModelD4+ 4.0
Weight70 lbs
Motor power (continuous)2,000W
Motor typeDual motor
Top Speed40 mph (Manufacturer spec)
30.6 mph (ESG tested)
Range40 mi (Manufacturer spec)
19.9 mi (ESG tested)
Battery capacity1216.8 Wh
Max rider weight330 lbs
Brake typeHydraulic + Hydraulic
Tire typePneumatic (Tubeless) + Pneumatic (Tubeless)
Suspension typeHydraulic + Hydraulic
Built-in lightsFront + Rear
Water resistanceIP53
Additional FeaturesAdjustable stem, quick-release wheel and components interface, standard steering damper
Top: The Roadrunner D4+ 4.0 Is A LOT of Scooter for the Money

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Top: The Roadrunner D4+ 4.0 Is A LOT of Scooter for the Money

Roadrunner D4+ 4.0: Performance

Top Speed


The D4+ 4.0 is feature-packed, but what most people want to know right away is, does it really go 40 miles per hour? As always with electric scooters, your performance numbers will vary slightly from mine. I weigh 205 pounds. If you’re lighter you’ll have a little less drag and faster top speed and acceleration.

I pushed the scooter as fast as it would go and saw 40 mph on the speedometer. Most electric scooter speedometers measure a couple miles an hour higher, however, and the GPS showed a max speed of 38 mph on my speed run.

Again, your numbers will vary according to your weight and other factors such as wind speed and direction and terrain.


Any acceleration time under 9 seconds to 30 miles per hour is quite good. The Roadrunner D4+ 4.0 hit 30 in 8.63 seconds. That’s about what you should expect for the price. Step up another $500 and you’ll start to see performance numbers of 6 or 7 seconds to 30 mph.


This scooter comes standard with a trigger throttle, which I happen to like and am glad to see here. It’s built into the standard circular display that shows speedometer, riding mode, odometer, etc.

There are also two physical buttons to switch between Eco and Turbo mode and a button to switch between dual and single motor mode.


Riding the Roadrunner D4+ 4.0 on a hilly loop at comfortably high 30+ mph speeds – that is, riding it the way most people will ride this scooter – gave me 24.7 GPS-measured miles of range before the battery level flashed zero.

This range far exceeded my expectations. On flat roads in Eco mode, you could potentially get the promised 40 miles of range, but we typically recommend going with our more conservative numbers.

Top: The Roadrunner D4+ 4.0 Is A LOT of Scooter for the Money


The D4+ 4.0’s unbranded hydraulic brakes give you more than enough stopping power for this scooter, and it’s great to see hydraulic disc brakes at this price.

Hill Climb

The Roadrunner D4+ 4.0 hit 20 mph on a 10% grade hill, proving that it can climb any hill you’re going to run into, wherever you live.


Ride Quality + Off Road Performance

On road, the D4+ 4.0 feels really responsive. Its knobby tires provide more than adequate traction but don’t feel sluggish. Roadrunner calls this a dual on road/off road scooter, so I put it to the test. Off road is my favorite kind of riding, and I hoped the D4+ 4.0 would perform well in some rougher stuff. It far exceeded my expectations.

The D4+ 4.0 proved itself more than capable in tough off road conditions. Braking and traction felt great over some challenging hills on the trail at 20-30 mph speeds, with plenty of loose rocks and gravel. The IP53 rating means you can ride all day in the dirt, but I wouldn’t ride this scooter in the rain.

Suspension and tracking were excellent. I’d like to see a better pair of handgrips on the bars, but that’s the easiest upgrade you can make. Otherwise, this scooter performs as well as off road scooters that cost several hundred dollars more.

RR D4 10
Top: The Roadrunner D4+ 4.0 Is A LOT of Scooter for the Money

Roadrunner D4+ 4.0: Design, Build & Reliability

This is a scooter that uses some older parts and design elements, hence the lower cost, but that’s not a barrier to great performance, and Roadrunner builds very high-quality, reliable electric scooters with excellent warranties.

The D4+ 4.0 has a rock solid build quality, with no concerning rattles on or off road, and it’s also got some very nice appointments you won’t find on comparable scooters, including a quick-release wheel system and split rims that make it easy to change tires.

The cabling is also very nicely wrapped, and the tail doesn’t flex at all when you put your weight on it, which gives you even more room for a wider stance on rough ground or at speed. And there’s a steering damper, which I didn’t need, but you will not find these on other scooters at this price.

The telescoping stem has its downsides. While it’s great for getting just the right fit on the scooter, there can be some bend and flex in the skinnier part of the stem when you apply any torque, but this is definitely more of a feel thing, and not a safety concern.

I would also like to see tubeless tires at this price. Tubeless is becoming standard, even at the budget end, and it’s reasonable to expect them on a $1500 electric scooter.

RR D4 3

Roadrunner D4+ 4.0: Is It Worth It? Our Verdict

Despite its few cons – slippery handgrips, tubed tires, a little stem flex – the Roadrunner D4+ 4.0 makes good on its promises. It’s a 40-ish-mph electric scooter with excellent handling, suspension and braking on and off-road, and a range of potentially up to 40 miles in Eco mode.

All that for under $1,500? It’s worth it. While there are other 40-mph electric scooters under $2,000 we can recommend, to get all these features in one place, you’d have to spend considerably more than the D4+ 4.0’s price tag. At this price, you really get a LOT of scooter for the money.

Top: The Roadrunner D4+ 4.0 Is A LOT of Scooter for the Money

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