The EMOVE RoadRunner Pro: A Crazy Fast Mini Seated Scooter

It’s built like a tank and rides like a dream: the EMOVE RoadRunner Pro is a mini rocket that hit a max speed of 55 mph hour in our tests.

You get the perfect blend of performance and ride quality at a price that feels below the serious value on offer.

the emove roadrunner pro in a lighted studio photograph

EMOVE RoadRunner Pro- $2,895

We know many regular scooters add a seat attachment option, but few offer purpose-built seated scooters. And there are none better than Voro’s EMOVE RoadRunner scooters.

The original RoadRunner, now in its second iteration, has 800 Watts of power total (500W in the rear and 300W in a front motor). The RoadRunner Pro blows those specs out of the water, with two 2,000W motors, or 4kW total, which can push as much as 6kW of peak power.

With addictive power and intuitive handling, this scooter is super fun to ride. It’s also got top-notch ride quality, thanks to dual suspension and 14″ tubeless tires.


Who Is This Scooter For?

This scooter is FAST, but it’s also ruggedly-built and perfect for riders of all sizes, so it’s not only a thrill ride; it’s a practical, comfortable electric scooter with loads of room for cargo and accessories.

The RoadRunner Pro can support riders up to 330 lbs, and because of its large 1880Wh battery and 4000W of continuous motor power, its performance numbers stay true even when close to capacity.

The Pro’s wide handlebars are great for taller individuals, and they’re easily adustable for the perfect fit. And unlike most ebikes, riders can stay seated and plant both feet firmly on the ground when they come to a stop

All that’s to say, this scooter is great for just about anyone, and especially riders who want the comfort of a memory-foam padded seat and who might have joint pain or other issues that make standing scooters uncomfortable.

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Top: The EMOVE RoadRunner Pro: A Crazy Fast Mini Seated Scooter

EMOVE RoadRunner Pro: Performance

Top Speed

Voro Motors, the makers of the EMOVE line, claim a top speed of 50 mph for the RoadRunner Pro. This is already plenty fast. We clocked a tested max speed of 54.7 mph.

No one really wants to ride 55 for long on a small seated scooter, but the fact that you can hit near-highway speeds on the RoadRunner Pro is pretty cool, if you ask us, and it gives you lots of confidence on the road to know you’ve got that speed on tap if you need it.

DSC04053 min

In fact, we saw even higher speeds than 55 mph:

“I actually went 61.3 mph in one direction, but only 48.1 mph in the other direction. There was a 6.5 mph headwind wind blowing that day. Two speed-runs, in opposite directions averaged together is how all world record speed runs are done, because you cancel out the effect of wind and get the real number.”

– Paul


The RoadRunner Pro accelerates to 15 mph in just 2.3 seconds, and hits 30 mph in only 5.8 seconds, thanks to dual 45A sinewave controllers that let the powerful motors reach their full potential.

Even with its parameters set up for maximum performance, however, the EMOVE RoadRunner Pro’s acceleration feels right in the sweet spot. Grabbing a fist full of throttle launches the scooter with just a touch of front wheel spin.



The RoadRunner Pro is equipped with a large, removable 1800 wh battery with premium, energy-dense 21700 LG cells. These cells are the best battery cells you will see in an electric scooter. The power was enough to take us 32.3 miles on our hilly test course against a manufacturer-stated 50 miles.

The battery weighs 20.6 lbs and takes 10.4 hrs to charge. It’s nice that you can charge the battery in the scooter or take it out and charge it wherever you want. Better yet, if you carry a fully charged spare battery, you can just swap it in and double your range.

Top: The EMOVE RoadRunner Pro: A Crazy Fast Mini Seated Scooter

DSC04042 min


Stopping power on the EMOVE RoadRunner Pro comes from huge 180mm rotors and Zoom, fully-hydraulic brakes, an upgrade from the semi-hydraulic brakes of the base model.

The RoadRunner Pro came to a stop in an impressive 10.4 ft from 15 mph, matching the base model’s braking performance despite weighting twice as much.

Hydraulic brakes require very little pressure on the levers to reach full strength, and you can increase braking power even more by turning on regenerative braking (we tested ours with regen off).

Hill Climb

Larger wheels on scooters are great for many things, but they also slow down your scooter on hills compared to other scooters.

When it comes to the EMOVE RoadRunner Pro, the scooter sustained an average speed of 15.6 mph on our standard 200 ft 10% hill climb, getting to the top in 8.6 seconds. 

That said, the RoadRunner Pro impressed us when it hit 27 mph by the end of the block from a standing start.


Ride Quality

While most seated scooters deliver a comfortable ride, there’s something special about the RoadRunner Pro’s design. Let’s dig into what makes the EMOVE RoadRunner Pro the ultimate scooter for ride comfort.

For starters, the upright riding postion makes theEMOVE RoadRunner Pro super comfortable for long rides. However, adjust the bars downward (or take out the spacers on the stem) and you can get into an aggressive, cafe racer-style position in minutes.

The seat has been completely redesigned and is now 20 inches long, so it lets you move around on long rides. This new version is way way more comfortable than the original. Even the fabric is new and is designed to stay cool if you park it in the sun.


Then we have another upgrade: a real motorcycle twist throttle. The throttle looks good and feels even better. Just like a motorcycle, it’s connected by a cable to the actual throttle under the seat. Between the pro-grade throttle and the dual sine wave motor controllers, it’s easy to hold speed steady even in the most aggressive riding mode.

“Something I absolutely loved about the throttle most of the time, your throttle is right in the middle of the sweet spot. You know, that happy place where the scooter isn’t struggling at all, and you’ve got gobs of power ready to let loose.”

Speaking of the sweet spot, we noticed so many other elements on this scooter that are just spot-on. For example, the 116 lb weight is heavy enough to feel stable at speed but light enough to load into an SUV by yourself. 

Then there’s the wider 2.7 inch x 14 inch tires: just big enough to feel super stable at any speed but small enough to be an advantage when it comes to portability and keeping the EMOVE RoadRunner Pro from looking like something that should be wearing a license plate.

The Pro’s suspension gets a huge upgrade from the base model with inverted motorcycle-style forks at the front and hydraulic shocks at the back. The base model only came with front spring suspension and no rear suspension. The new setup feels comfortable even on the worst pavement, and, together with the new seat, you feel like you want to ride it all day.

Top: The EMOVE RoadRunner Pro: A Crazy Fast Mini Seated Scooter
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EMOVE RoadRunner Pro: Design, Build & Reliability

The EMOVE RoadRunner Pro lacks a IP rating (Voro says it’s safe to ride in light rain). This is a major factor in our Reliability Index. But it still scores very highly for reliability at 8.5 for a number of reasons, including its swappable battery, UL listing, 1-year warranty, tubeless pneumatic tires, and LG-made battery cells.

The scooter also doesn’t fold. But despite all that, it’s still in somewhat of a sweet spot for portability because it’s just small enough to fit in the back of an SUV, and the average adult can load it by themselves without taking the battery out. This is a big advantage over a Sur-Ron, where you’re going to need a pickup truck or a trailer to move it.

As for build quality, we’ll just quote Paul in answer to the question of whether you can ride the RoadRunner Pro offroad:

“To me, RoadRunner feels more road-focused, but I’d definitely feel comfortable riding it on trails. Just don’t go crazy offroading it. The scooter’s frame, with the side panels welded in, is rated for 330 lb riders and looks like it could take on anything, but the suspension feels like it’s designed for curb-sized jumps and not going full-send over a ravine.”


There you have it. The RoadRunner Pro is tough enough for trails (but no big jumps); you can bet it can take some abuse on the road.

Like everything else on this scooter, safety features go above and beyond. It’s impossible to miss the large headlight positioned high between the front stems. The size of the light fixture is somewhat disproportionate to the scooter’s size, but given how well it lights up the path, you’ll immediately grow to love it.

The new turn signals look pretty cool. You can use them for turning or for hazard lights. Note that they don’t work at the same time as the brake lights, so be sure to let go of the brakes when you’re waiting to turn.


EMOVE RoadRunner Pro: Is It Worth It? Our Verdict

Do you need to spend upwards of $3K to get a speedy, sit-down scooter like the RoadRunner Pro?

If you’re looking for a commuter that will get you across town as fast as a motorcycle, you can actually do that with the base model because it goes 35 mph. But, on the base model, you’ll find yourself using full throttle most of the time. 

On the other hand, the Pro’s throttle is pretty much right in the sweet spot most of the time. And that is a nice feeling, whether you’re commuting to work or making your riding buddies eat 55 mph dust.

The choice is yours, spend half the money and get an original RoadRunner. It’s half the weight but hardly half the scooter, with some similar numbers on its spec sheet.

Or, if you can swing it, pick up a RoadRunner Pro and never regret it. This scooter has almost made us rethink that whole standing-up thing….

Top: The EMOVE RoadRunner Pro: A Crazy Fast Mini Seated Scooter

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