Top 10 Bestselling Electric Scooter Accessories on Amazon for (Almost) Any Scooter

a closca loop folding helmet, one of the top 10 electric scooter accessories on amazon

If you ask us about the most important electric scooter accessories, we’ll say, without hesitation: a helmet, full stop. Next up is lighting – if your scooter lacks sufficient front and rear lights to make you visible to passing traffic then you should supplement with aftermarket lights.

Next up, turn signals (if you don’t already have them), to tell others where you’re going, then a phone holder so you don’t take your hands off the handlebars. Other accessories might be less about safety but no less essential, like a cup holder for your morning coffee or shoulder strap to carry your ride up the elevator. 

Electric scooter accessories can be lifesavers or convenient add-ons, but either way, you’re always going to end up buying one or two (after you get a helmet) to go with your new ride.

No matter what kind of electric scooter you ride, the accessories on this list will help keep you safer and make your ride more enjoyable. 

Closca loop

1. Closca Loop Folding Helmet — $79.90

If you can’t carry a bulky helmet around with you but you want to protect your most valuable asset, your brain, then the Closca foldable helmet for both men and women is a great choice.

It’s got a two-year warranty, comes highly recommended by users, and promises to fit every head with its LOOP system. 

scooter lights

2. USB Rechargeable Front and Rear Lights — $12.91

Unfortunately, many electric scooters come with inadequate lighting. Not only are their lights too dim for night riding or good visibility in fog or rain, but they are mounted too low for drivers to see.

The solution: an inexpensive, USB rechargeable, and very bright set of waterproof lights that mount to your handlebars and helmet, keeping you safe and visible in every situation. 

scooter strap

3. Scooter Shoulder Strap — $12.99

Need to carry your awkwardly folded scooter in a less awkward position? Portability doesn’t always mean comfortable carrying.

This adjustable shoulder strap should find a place to attach on almost any scooter frame and make toting your scooter much less fatiguing. 

Turn signals

4. Turn Signals — $21.99

Scooter lacking turn signals? This essential safety tool lets you communicate with others on the road. If you ride in traffic of any kind you can’t do without turn signals.

If you don’t have them, or only have rear signals, you’re in luck. Here’s an inexpensive, USB-rechargeable device that mounts to fenders and other scooter parts with ease.

segway phone mount

5. Segway Ninebot Phone Mount — $24.05

Using your phone is a fact, but phone safety when riding saves lives.

Keep both hands on the handlebars and use a phone mount to hold your hand computer instead. And then, only check messages when you come to a safe stop away from traffic.

This phone mount made by Segway Ninebot will fit all phones and all round scooter handlebars. 

rubber ducky bell

6. Rubber Ducky Bell — $9.99

Let other people know you’re coming with the adorable Duck Bike Bell. This beloved accessory is great for the bike trail – not so much for the road where you’ll need a horn to get attention.

big cup holder

7. Large Capacity Cup Holder — $17.99

A cup holder is one thing. A cup holder that holds your Nalgene or Stanley Tumbler, and your phone, keys, wallet, etc…. That’s something else.

wall hanger

8. Electric Scooter Wall Hanger — $24.99 

Made for the Xiaomi Mi M365 scooter, this wall hanger has a maximum weight load of 50 lbs and should fit any scooter with a similar design.

It should also fit any rear- or front-mounted, single motor scooters with large enough spaces in the front or rear wheel to hang the scooter.

hanger hook

9. Shopping Bag Hanger — $11.99

Do your shopping on the fly and hang your bags securely from this hook.

This accessory should mount to most scooter stems and won’t get in your way when not in use.

kiddie bar

10. Kiddie Bar — $11.89

Made to accommodate little riders up front, we do not recommend using this for its intended purpose. Standing electric scooters are single-rider vehicles.

BUT, the kiddie bar works great as a mount for additional lights and other accessories that won’t fit elsewhere on your scooter. 

If your handlebar shape won’t let you add lights, this is the way to get around that design limitation. 

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