The EMOVE Touring 2024: Fastest & Most Reliable Under $800

The EMOVE Touring has become an almost canonical example of the fast, portable, affordable commuter electric scooter.

The 2024 version offers not only more of the same good things, but also a 5 mph higher top speed, faster acceleration & more.

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EMOVE Touring 2024 – $799

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When it first arrived on the market five years ago, Voro Motors’ EMOVE Touring disrupted the scooter status quo: at the time, electric scooters were all beginner models, limited to 15.5 mph max, with low weight limits of 220 lbs and no suspension to speak of.

Along comes the Touring in 2021 with front and rear suspension, a top speed of over 20 mph, and the ability to carry riders of up to 300 lbs. Nothing at the time could touch it.

In the past few years, the entry-level market has leveled up, so to speak. Has the Touring kept pace? Find out in our full review of the latest model, below.

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Who Is This Scooter For?

The EMOVE Touring is a time-tested commuter scooter that’s great for riders of any level, but especially beginner to intermediate riders who want high speeds and maximum portability with low maintenance requirements and a comfortable, ruggedly-built ride.

Our Full Video Review

Top: The EMOVE Touring 2024: Fastest & Most Reliable Under $800

EMOVE Touring 2024: Performance

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A larger, LG-made battery is only one of the improvements to the EMOVE Touring 2024, and it’s a big one: This scooter outclasses itself with a higher top speed, faster acceleration, and more torque for better hill-climbing than earlier versions.

Top Speed

Emove Touring Leaderboard Top Speed2

With a manufacturer-claimed top speed of 25 mph, the latest Touring already promised to blow past its predecessor. In our tests, it shot past its spec, hitting 27.1 mph. That’s the fastest scooter we’ve ever tested (out of over 150 electric scooters) that costs less than $800.

Entry level scooters have stepped up their game since the Touring was first introduced. None of the competition comes close, however, to 27 mph, with the next closest scooter in the Touring’s price class, Fluid Freeride’s Horizon, maxing out at 21.8 mph.


Emove Touring Leaderboard Acceleration

The Touring didn’t just leave its competitors behind when it comes to top speed; it also left them in the dust at the starting line, with a 0 to 15 time of only 4.4 seconds, a second faster than the Segway Ninebot F2 Pro and the NIU KQi3 Pro.

Hill Climb

Emove Touring Leaderboard Hill Climb

The EMOVE Touring blew away our hill climbing test, and the competition, hitting the top of our test hill in 13.1 seconds. For reference, the much more expensive Segway Ninebot Max G2 makes the same climb in 13.7 seconds.

The Touring beats scooters in ts price class as well, besting the Fluid Horizon, Ninebot F2 Pro, and NIU KQi3 Pro.


Riders should be more than satisfied by the Touring 2024’s range. We covered 20.8 miles in our range test, over a hilly test course in the highest speed mode.

20+ miles should be enough for even long commutes. Wilh only 2 extra lbs over the previous Touring, you get around 2 additional miles of range (and 5+ mph more in speed).

Ride Quality

Dual suspension on the EMOVE Touring, three springs up front and two in the rear, is a rare feature at <$800. The springs seem tuned best for riders between 180 and the scooter’s weight limit of 308 lbs.

Adjustable handlebars should accomodate riders anywhere from 5″ to 6’6″, and the 3rd largest deck we’ve ever measured makes the scooter very comfortable to ride.


Every budget scooter comes with compromises. The Touring is on the upper end of the category, offering tons of value for its price. But it lacks dual braking and stops with a single regenerative/drum brake in its rear wheel.

touring 24 brake lever front

The setup isn’t perfect, but it has advantages:

“It’s not as good as scooters with dual brakes, but also means you can grab the brake as hard as you want without worrying about going over the bars. I like that it’s possible to engage, just the regen brake by squeezing the lever lightly.”


Top: The EMOVE Touring 2024: Fastest & Most Reliable Under $800

EMOVE Touring 2024: Design, Build & Reliability

touring 24 handlebars

Our recently-introduced Reliability Index gives us just one more way to measure an electric scooter’s performance: this time over the long haul of its full lifetime or beyond.

Among various factors among the 11 we use to score reliability, the Touring rates very highly for its long-lasting, low maintenance solid rear tire, drum & regen brake combination, and available replacement parts.

touring 24 headlight

We also rated the Touring highly for its LG-made battery, UL-listing, and IP54 water resistance rating. The net result is extraordinary among the over 200 scooters included in our index.

“The EMOVE Touring has always had a reputation as a reliable scooter, so it was no surprise when it took the win in our Most Reliable Scooters video in the under-$800-category, scoring a *stratospheric* 9.4 out of 10.”

Top: The EMOVE Touring 2024: Fastest & Most Reliable Under $800

EMOVE Touring 2024: Is It Worth It? Our Verdict

touring 24 rear wheel

We’ve had no trouble recommending the EMOVE Touring for years as a fast, fun, durable, easily repairable budget scooter. Is its commitment to an older scooter design stubborn or practical? We think it’s the latter, and here’s why:

The Touring, like its sibling, the EMOVE Cruiser, can more or less be entirely rebuilt, from the frame and battery on up, with a modest selection of common tools and large selection of replacement parts. This kind of pragmatism has steered Voro Motors‘ commitment to these scooter’s time-tested build, and it shows in our reliability score.

touring 24 full

Now that the EMOVE Touring is even faster, with longer range, a better-quality battery, and more power for fast acceleration and hill climbing… all for the same price as the earlier model, can we still recommend it? What do you think?

Check out our full video review of the latest EMOVE Touring just above and like & subscribe to Electric Scooter Guide on Youtube.

Top: The EMOVE Touring 2024: Fastest & Most Reliable Under $800

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