VMAX VX5: Balancing Performance and Price

VMAX may not be well-known stateside, but the Swiss company has established itself in Europe as a reliable manufacturer with a lineup that includes the VX5 in three different battery sizes.

We tested the GT version of the VMAX VX5 electric scooter, which has the largest battery. VMAX makes two smaller versions of the VX5, the LT for $399 and the ST for $449.

vmax vx5 headlight

VMAX VX5 GT – $499

The VX5 GT, from Swiss company VMAX, delivers just the right mix of simplicity and impressive build quality – from seamless cable integration and a sleek finish to an app that’s “all business and no BS” – in an under-40-lb scooter that’s easy to fold and carry.

Who is this Scooter For?


The design and and build of the VX5 make it an excellent daily use vehicle for commuting to work or school or just running errands around town.

This scooter does so many things well that we can recommend it as an entry-level PEV for just about anyone who wants a quality portable scooter.

Our 6-foot tall, 205 lb test rider was perfectly comfortable with the scooter’s long deck and wide handlebars, but it’s also well proportioned for smaller adults who want more ride stability.

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Top: VMAX VX5: Balancing Performance and Price

VMAX VX5: Performance


VMAX claims a top speed of 18 mph for the VX5 GT version. In our two-way speed test, we measured the scooter at 15.5 mph max, a number that represents the average speed adjusted for inclines and wind direction. 


While you’ll see speeds of 17 to 18 mph on the speedometer, we never got above 16.5 mph in one direction on our GPS equipment. This is consistent with most scooters in this price class and the VX5 does not feel slow for a budget scooter. 


Range is always variable, depending on factors like rider weight, terrain, and weather. VMAX claims 22 miles of range for the VX5. Our 205-lb reviewer got 13.7 miles on our test course, which includes plenty of hills.

On a flatter bike path, the VX5 went 15.5 miles with a full charge. Both range tests were conducted in the highest speed mode, so you’ll probably get another mile or two at lower speeds or in the dedicated Eco mode. Lighter weight riders will also get more miles.

Top: VMAX VX5: Balancing Performance and Price


The combination of a single rear electronic brake and front mechanical disc (or some variation) has proven itself over and over as an effective means of stopping a lightweight electric scooter. There’s certainly no exception here.

Hill Climb

We were impressed with the VX5’s hill climbing ability, especially given that it’s a 350W single-rear-motor scooter.

Of course, a dual-motor ride will perform better on hills, but the VX5 only slowed to 10 mph on our 10% grade and climbed the 200 ft to the top in a respectable 20.1 seconds. 


Ride Quality

The VX5 has several features that improve ride quality, including 8.5 inch pneumatic (tubed) tires, an 18-inch long deck, and 21-inch wide handlebars. Even riders who aren’t on the taller side will appreciate the stability and wider stance these dimensions offer.

This scooter’s stable feel is complemented by a cockpit with comfortable grips and an ergonomic thumb throttle.

We don’t recommend ever jumping curbs on a scooter like this one: smaller tires and lack of suspension means it will pretty much always bottom out over curbs and big potholes. Over most paved surfaces, however, the VX5 is a comfortable ride similar to the NIU KQi3 Pro.

Top: VMAX VX5: Balancing Performance and Price

VMAX VX5: Design, Build & Reliability


This is a well-built electric scooter, and VMAX’s attention to detail shows in the fit and finish. It also shows in details like the simple folding mechanism: strong, stable, and easy-to-use.

The VX5 is rated IPX6 for water resistance, a high rating that should give you confidence in rain and a rare number among entry level scooters. A headlight, tail light, and rear brake light complete the package. 

“It’s also UL certified which is battery safety testing that is required in New York and will be required country-wide soon. It’s good to see VMAX ahead of the curve here and offering the peace of mind of being able to charge your scooter indoors safely.”

VMAX VX5: Is It Worth It? Our Verdict


There’s a fair amount of competition at this price point, including the KQi3 Pro, which has a slight performance edge and tubeless tires. But the VX5 is lighter, more portable and just as well constructed.

One the whole, it’s easy to recommend the VX5 as a durable daily use scooter for short rides. If you want to save even more money, you can opt for one of the versions with a smaller battery and less range, and pay $50-$100 less.

The VX5 succeeds as a budget model for both taller riders and those who just want more stability or a wider stance on an electric scooter. In fact, it does so many things well it might just become one of your favorite rides too.

Top: VMAX VX5: Balancing Performance and Price

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