VMAX VX3 Pro: Unlock Secret Beast Mode!

The VMAX VX3 is an affordable single-motor with a secret top speed, exceptional braking, and some of the best reliability in the industry.

We compare it with the other scooters in VMAX’s commuter line, the VX5, VX2, and VX4.

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VMAX VX3 Pro – $549 – $649

With their 2-year warranties and versatile battery and pricing options, VMAX sets themselves apart from other brands. The VX3 is the fourth model we’ve tested so far, and we’ve liked them all for different reasons.

I compare the VX3 with its siblings further down. I’ll say this up front: this 400W VMAX VX3 (840W peak) scooter is even better than is pricing and specs would suggest, and it’s already a great deal on paper.

Like all of VMAX’s other VX models, this scooter comes in either ST, LT, or GT version. Each version has the same build and performance, and the only difference is battery size. As usual, we tested the largest battery size, and we generally recommend getting the GT for best value.

Who Is This Scooter For?

I have more to say in our full video review about how the VX3 fits in with the other scooters in VMAX’s commuter line, and why you might want to choose one over another.

The second lightest and second least expensive of the four, the VX3 weighs 40 pounds and hits an unlocked top speed of 21.5 miles per hour. And you get tubeless tires, comparatively longe range, industry-leading reliability….

If any of that appeals to you, read on.

VMAX VX3 Pro Specs

ModelVX3 Pro
Weight39 lbs
Motor power (continuous)400W
Motor typeSingle motor
Top Speed19 mph (Manufacturer spec)
21.5 mph (ESG tested)
Range28 mi (Manufacturer spec)
18.2 mi (ESG tested, GT edition)
Battery capacity461 Wh (GT)
Battery recharge time6.5 hrs
Max rider weight265 lbs
Brake typeDrum + Regenerative
Tire typePneumatic (Tubeless) + Pneumatic (Tubeless)
Suspension typeNone + None
Built-in lightsFront + Rear
Water resistanceIP54
UL CertificationUL2272
Top: VMAX VX3 Pro: Unlock Secret Beast Mode!

Our Full Video Review

Top: VMAX VX3 Pro: Unlock Secret Beast Mode!

VMAX VX3 Pro: Performance

Top Speed


As usual, we tested the VMAX VX3 using a bi-directional speed run to cancel out the effects of wind speed and direction. This time, I tested the VX3 in all three modes – Eco, Sport, and Beast Mode.

VMAX claims a top speed of 19 mph for the VX3, which is already fast for a budget scooter at this price. When you unlock Beast mode (I show you how in our video – the manual doesn’t!), the scooter can reach speeds of up to 21.5 mph, which we measured on our speed run.


The VX3 hit 15 mph in a respectable 6.7 seconds, an acceleration time comparable to commuter classics like the Segway Ninebot Max and Okai Neon Pro.


Surprisingly, the slightly less powerful VX5 is a little faster off the line at 6 seconds to 15 mph, but as you’ll see, there’s much more to recommend the VX3.


Rated for 28 miles of range, the VX3 took me a little over 18 miles till empty on our hilly range course in the top speed mode. This is almost five miles more than the VX5 and consistent with most other scooters in the VX3’s price class.

Top: VMAX VX3 Pro: Unlock Secret Beast Mode!

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These brakes are exceptional for the price. The VX3 beats my previous favorite scooter for braking at a budget price, the NIU KQi2 Pro, by over a foot, stopping in just 12.7 feet from 15 miles per hour.

This may be the new champ for brakes that require zero finesse – just pull and stop, with no danger of ever going over the bars. The unusual combination of front drum and rear regenerative brake is full adjustable via app, with the ability to dial in the amount of regen intensity from 1 to 5.

I tested each setting, doing a total of 6 braking runs, and the stopping power did not change at all.

Hill Climb

The VMAX VX3 climbed our 200-ft, 10% grade test hill in 16.9 seconds, which is consistent with other single motor electric scooters in its price class, and over three seconds faster than the NIU KQi2 Pro and the VMAX VX5.


Ride Quality

The VX3 lacks suspension, but its 10″ tubeless tires, run at 36 PSI, do a great job on flat pavement with the occasional bump. This is a commuter scooter that’s not built for rougher rounds or any off-road use – for that you’d need to step up to the dual suspension VX4 (which I rode around the entire city of San Francisco).

As I’ll explain below, each of VMAX’s commuter scooters has its thing, and the VX3 is a daily commuter scooter that balances high top speed and range with a very portable tested weight of 39.8 pounds.

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Top: VMAX VX3 Pro: Unlock Secret Beast Mode!

VMAX VX3 Pro: Design, Build & Reliability

All of VMAX’s electric scooters get some of the highest marks we’ve given for reliability: the VX3 earns a 9.5 for its combination of features, including its tubeless tires, UL Certification, and IP rating.

I’d also advise the product managers at other scooter companies to take a look at VMAX’s parts availability – another big reason this scooter can last far beyond its warranty period.

Like all of VMAX’s scooters, the VX3 is well-built and stylish, with clean lines, nicely-routed cables, and ergonomic levers and throttle that make riding a joy.

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VMAX VX3 Pro: Is It Worth It? Our Verdict

The VMAX VX3 has outstanding brakes, above average range and speed for the price, and excellent build quality. It’s also got an original design that makes this scooter look and feel like nothing else.

There are some cons, including a stem latch I’m not overly fond of. (I’d love to see the stem latch from the VX4 on this scooter.) On the whole, though, I’d definitely recommend this scooter for riders who want maximum reliability and a little bit of a performance edge over similarly-priced, portable commuter scooters.

For riders on a budget, I’d recommend stepping down to the biggest battery size of the VX5 (these model numbers are not sequential), which has slightly lower top speed and range, but retains all the quality and features of the VX3.

The VX2 has become VMAX’s most popular scooter, and it’s more comparable to a Segway Ninebot Max G2, without suspension, but at 45 pounds, it’s a little hefty. The VX4, VMAX’s longest-range model, with full suspension, weighs 65 pounds and is definitely the best choice for hour+ long rides.

Each VMAX scooter has its particular charms. As you’ll see in our video, I’ve run the numbers and found that the largest battery version of each model gives you the best range per dollar, so rather than getting a smaller-battery VX2, we’d suggest the VMAX VX3 Pro GT for highest value + performance per dollar.

Top: VMAX VX3 Pro: Unlock Secret Beast Mode!

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