H-1 Ace R350 vs R450: Two New Scooters Go Head-to-Head

Hover 1’s new H-1 Pro series debuts two commuter-grade electric scooters, the H-1 Ace R350 and R450.

We put these e-scooters head-to-head with two different-sized riders: 165 pounds and 235 pounds. See the surprising results of our top speed, range and hill climb tests below .

hover 1 pro r350 and r450 electric scooters

H-1 Ace R350 – $499 / H-1 Ace R450 – $599

You’ve seen Hover 1’s hoverboards and some of their electric scooters on the shelves in the big box stores, but you haven’t seen its H-1 Pro Series scooters – the the H-1 Ace R350 and H-1 Ace R450 – because they’re brand new.

In our tests of these two commuter-worthy e-scooters, we learned how much rider weight affects range, hill climbing, and top speed. In our video review, you can see how two new single-motor commuter electric scooters from a brand best known for hoverboards perform in real-world conditions.

The H-1 Ace R350 and Ace R450 are maybe not what you’d expect from Hover 1 – in a very good way. They’re a big step up, in line with other entry-level commuter models from brands like GOTRAX and NIU, and they’ve got similar specs and quality. Let’s dig into the specifics.


Who Are These Scooters For?

These electric scooters are built, and built well, for the average commuter, and their range and speed suit them very well for that purpose. They’re zippy, fun, and reliable scooters that can stand up to daily use.

However, while I weigh 165 pounds, our reviewer Ramier weighs 235, a difference of 70 pounds that changed our experience pretty significantly when it came to range and hill climbing. Larger riders will definitely want to consider the R450, while more medium-sized commuters will find the R350 a fun-to-ride, affordable fit.

H-1 Pro R350 / R450 Specs

MakeH-1 (Hover 1)
ModelH1 Ace R350 / Ace R450
Weight39.7 lbs / 41.7 lbs
Motor power (continuous)350W / 450W
Motor typeSingle motor (rear)
Top Speed15.5 mph / 20 mph (Manufacturer spec)
15.7 / 19.9 mph (ESG tested)
Range18.5 mi / 25.6 mi (Manufacturer spec)
16 / 20.2 mi (ESG tested)
Battery capacity270 Wh / 374.4 Wh
Battery recharge time5 hrs / 7 hrs
Max rider weight264 lbs
Brake typeFront Drum + Rear Regen (R350) / Rear Disc + Rear Regen (R450)
Tire typePneumatic (Tubeless) + Pneumatic (Tubeless)
Suspension typeFront Spring
Built-in lightsFront + Rear
Water resistanceIPX4
UL CertificationUL2272 / UL2272
Top: H-1 Ace R350 vs R450: Two New Scooters Go Head-to-Head

Our Full Video Review

Top: H-1 Ace R350 vs R450: Two New Scooters Go Head-to-Head

H-1 Ace R350 / R450: Performance

Top Speed


The R350 has a spec top speed of 15.5 miles an hour. Ramier hit 15.5 mph, and I hit a top speed of 15.7 in Sport mode.

The R450 has a specified top speed of 20 miles per hour. Ramier went 19.2 and I went 19.9.

It’s rare that we come so close, or even exceed, manufacturer top speeds, and the minor differences between two different-sized riders were pretty surprising.


The powerful rear hub motors of the H-1 Pro Series scooters spin up quickly. I hit 15 mph in 7 seconds on the H-1 Ace R350, half a second faster than the NIU KQi2 Pro.


The Ace R450 hit 15 mph in a very fast 5.3 seconds. While it lags behind the dual motor Hover 1 Journey Max, its time still beats most similarly-priced single motor electric scooters.


Hover 1 has tested the R350 to cover 18.5 miles in Eco mode. The R450 is specified to cover 25.6 miles.

We test electric scooters the way most people actually ride them, in their highest speed mode, and on a range course that includes plenty of hills and some challenging terrain.

Unsurprisingly, range is one area where we saw some pretty significant differences between two different-sized riders. Rider weight is a major factor in how far electric scooters can travel on a single charge.

In sport mode, I rode 16 miles on the R350 and 20.2 on the R450. Ramier, on the other hand, covered 12.8 and 14.1, respectively.

On average, we saw a 235-lb rider cover about 78% as many miles as a 165-lb rider, which is a bigger difference than we expected.

Top: H-1 Ace R350 vs R450: Two New Scooters Go Head-to-Head



Both scooters have regenerative brakes and mechanical brakes, activated by a single lever. The R350, however, has a front drum brake and rear regen, while the R450 has both brakes – mechanical disc and regen – in the rear wheel.


The brake configuration gives these scooters a respectable, if not record-breaking, stopping distance from 15 mph of 15.2 feet for the Ace R350 and 17.6 for the Ace R450.

Hill Climb

Our hill climb test takes us up a 200 foot long 10% grade, which is about the steepest hill you’ll encounter on a typical ride.

We see that weight makes a huge difference when it comes to climbing. The R350 carried me up our test hill in 19.2 seconds, but it couldn’t make it to the top with our 235-lb test rider Ramier.

I rode the R450 to the top of our test hill in 16.4 seconds, and it took Ramier 20.5 seconds to climb the same hill.


At this point, we’d recommend stepping up to the dual motor Hover 1 Journey Max, the best hill climber you can buy for the price, if you’re a larger rider and live in a hilly area.

Ride Quality

I really like the ride quality of the 10-inch tubeless tires. The sealant inside means you don’t have to worry about flats.

Along with the motorcycle-style front suspension, both of these scooters have what it takes to smooth out around 90% of roads.


Top: H-1 Ace R350 vs R450: Two New Scooters Go Head-to-Head

H-1 Ace R350 / R450: Design, Build & Reliability

H1 350450 FULL

The H-1 Ace R350 and R450 have earned scores of 7.6 and 7.4, respectively, on our reliability index for their excellent built quality, self-sealing tubeless tires, dual braking, and more.

There are so many nice little touches you get, such as a beautiful, animated display and an app with navigation and a remote lock for the scooter, as well as locking grips that won’t turn while you’re riding.

These scooters are so well built that I even hit some dirt and gravel trails at 20 mph, going uphill on the Ace R450. While single motor scooters aren’t really made for off-road riding, these H-1 scooters are aren’t bad at all on rough terrain.

The only thing I would like to see improved on these scooters is the stem latch. It’s a little hard to open, but once it’s closed, it stays closed. A little dab of grease will help to loosen up the mechanism up a bit.

H-1 Ace R350 / R450: Which One Should You Get?


There are a lot of good reasons to buy one of these scooters if you’re in the market for a single motor commuter for under $1000.

For one thing, they’re great looking scooters – visibily identical except the R350 is gray and the R450 is black. They’re also UL approved for safe charging, and they’ve got self-healing tires.

You get a very useful app with both the H-1 Ace R350 and R450, and the ride quality can’t be beat for the price.

The sticky stem latch and lack of a front brake on the R450 are two downsides, and if you’re over 220 lbs and have to climb steep hills where you live, you’ll definitely want to size up to the R450.

But overall, these are two very well-made, reliable, and fun-to-ride electric scooters, and they are both a really great value for the money.

Top: H-1 Ace R350 vs R450: Two New Scooters Go Head-to-Head

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