The 2023 Inokim OXO: Performance ↑ , Price ↓

Our two biggest issues with the Inokim OXO Super, Inokim’s flagship dual motor scooter, have been fixed in the 2023 model; some quibbles aside, when it comes to price vs. performance, the OXO hits the mark.

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Inokim OXO Super- $1,999

Inokim gets credit for inventing the electric scooter as a garage project in 2009, but their own lineup of consumer scooters hasn’t changed much in the intervening years, a tribute to the company’s stability and longevity, some might say, and a commitment to a design aesthetic that is as functional as it is stylish.

Inokim means “speed” in Japanese. Have they lived up to the moniker? Is the 2023 OXO a good value? Read on to find out.

Who Is This Scooter For?

With its high speeds, dual motors, and long range, the OXO works as a daily driver and weekend thrill ride for anyone from the casual commuter to the serious scooter enthusiast. 

Our Full Video Review

Top: The 2023 Inokim OXO: Performance ↑ , Price ↓

Inokim OXO Super: Performance

Top Speed

Although the scooter speedometer showed a top speed of 40 mph on our test runs, consistent with manufacturer claims, I measured a true maximum speed of 35.9 with our data logger. 

36 miles per hour on an electric scooter is still plenty fast.

35 is about as fast as I want to go on a scooter with 10″ tires, and even on Highway 1, I had no trouble keeping up with the cars. 


Both the current and previous OXO have plenty of speed. The previous model’s laggy throttle slowed things down at takeoff. Speed is important, but acceleration is more important because you need it at every stoplight


The 2023 Inokim OXO Super goes from 0 to 30 in 8.7 seconds. That’s 1 second faster than the previous version of this scooter and right in the middle of the pack when compared with Inokim’s nearest competition at this price point. 



The OXO has a massive battery, and with its efficient dual motors, it beats most of its competition in range testing, giving us 33.1 miles on a hill-covered course.

The earlier, 2021 version of the OXO covered even more ground, 36.6 miles, on a single charge, but I also rode it an average of .6 mph slower because of its slow throttle response.

Top: The 2023 Inokim OXO: Performance ↑ , Price ↓

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The OXO stopped in 9.6 feet from a speed of 15 mph in our tests.


This OXO’s hydraulic braking absolutely outstanding, with a strong braking response that requires only a medium amount of pressure on the levers. 

The Inokim OXO beats out several of its closest competitors when it comes to braking power and efficiency. 

Hill Climb

This dual-motor electric scooter had no trouble at all climbing any of the hills I encountered on our range course, easily maintaining 30 mph speeds over most hills until it ran out of power.


Ride Quality

Some of the most interesting features of the original OXO, like the rubber suspension and single swingarm design, continue to give this scooter some of the best suspension you can get for the price.

There’s no need to adjust the suspension: rubber breaks in like a pair shoes over time, adjusting itself to your ride style and weight. You can, however, adjust the height of the scooter (see our full video review above for instructions).

The single swingarm looks really cool. It also allows you to change a tire without taking off the wheel. This is an especially great feature given that the 10″ tires use inner tubes, which are more prone to flats.

Top: The 2023 Inokim OXO: Performance ↑ , Price ↓

Inokim OXO: Design, Build & Reliability

We give the 2023 Inokim OXO Super a reliability score of 7.8:

It’s still a reliable scooter for your day-to-day ride. But the score gets pulled down by the tubed tires, which are more prone to flats than tubeless, and also by the fact that they’ve switched from LG battery cells to cells by Greenway. But the OXO’s price has come down at least $600 from when we last reviewed it, so I’d say the savings are well worth it.

Among many changes, the large rubber-covered deck is a big upgrade over the slippery, plastic-covered original. The previous model had no IP rating. This one is rated IPX4 for light rain. 


Other upgrades I expected to see but didn’t: the display is small and outdated (although easy-to-read in bright sunlight); the bell should probably be a horn given this scooter’s ability to keep up with traffic; the scooter still has no zero start option nor an app.

Some minor deficits aside, however, the 2023 OXO is an incredibly stable ride, thanks in part to its unique stem latch design and suspension. It’s fast, responsive, and it looks great. 


Inokim OXO: Is It Worth It? Our Verdict

Given that Inokim has brought the price of the beautifully designed OXO down from $2599 to $1999, I think this scooter is a great value, even if it has plenty of competition at this price (see our video review).

In the most important ways, the OXO has evolved where it needed to, especially with quicker acceleration, while staying true to essentials that make this scooter such a joy to ride: matchless stability and ride quality, and the ability to keep going and going and going. It’s still “close to perfect,” with flaws that are easy to overlook.

The OXO Super comes with the words “Land Surfer” on its deck bridge, and well, yeah… it does feel like you’re carving waves on the road. If you find that prospect appealing, then the Inokim OXO might be for you.

Top: The 2023 Inokim OXO: Performance ↑ , Price ↓

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