The EMOVE Roadster: Fastest Production Electric Scooter Ever!

Brave? Stupid?… Both? We test the over-70 mph EMOVE Roadster, the world’s fastest production model electric scooter. It’s the only electric scooter that comes with a “death waiver”!

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The Roadster hits the upper limit of scooter prices at $5,795, but with its premium materials, racing profile, incredible acceleration and range, and more, this scooter earns every bit of its luxury price tag. 

Who Is This Scooter For?

Shooting to the top of our list of fastest electric scooters with a tested top speed of 72.1 mph, the EMOVE Roadster is NOT for the faint of heart – or for e-scooter noobs. This is dangerously fast vehicle, with acceleration to spare.

This IS a scooter TAILOR-MADE for the thrill-jockeys and speed freaks out there, who have big budgets and love carbon fiber.

EMOVE Roadster Specs

Weight143 lbs
Motor power (continuous)4000W
Motor typeDual motor
Top Speed80 mph (Manufacturer spec)
72.1 mph (ESG tested)
Range74 mi (Manufacturer spec)
54.7 mi (ESG tested)
Battery capacity3360 Wh
Battery recharge time5.7 hrs
Max rider weight500 lbs
Brake typeDisc (Hydraulic) + Disc (Hydraulic)
Tire typePneumatic (Tubeless) + Pneumatic (Tubeless)
Suspension typeHydraulic + Hydraulic
Built-in lightsFront + Rear
Water resistanceIPX5
UL CertificationNone
Top: The EMOVE Roadster: Fastest Production Electric Scooter Ever!

Our Full Video Review

Top: The EMOVE Roadster: Fastest Production Electric Scooter Ever!


Top Speed


For a solid two years, Electric Scooter Guide’s top speed record stayed stuck at 61 mph, the max speed of the Wolf King GT. Then along came the Inmotion RS, hitting a speed of 62.1 just this year. Accepting the challenge, Kaabo released the Wolf King GTR, which hit a top speed of 65.8 mph.

We have a new record: the carbon-fiber-frame EMOVE Roadster clocks in at a tested top speed of 72.1 mph. (Watch the three fastest electric scooters we have ever tested go head-to-head here! )

It’s without a doubt the fastest scooter we have ever tested, and we think it’s the world’s fastest production scooter, meaning a scooter that’s in regular production that you could buy off-the-shelf without placing a deposit and waiting a year or in some cases multiple years (cough cough Rion).” – Paul


Speed matters, but going over 70 mph on an electric scooter is just plain dangerous, especially without proper riding skills, racing gear, and an open course with no traffic. You can’t take your electric scooter on the freeway. However…. 

From 0-30, the Roadster kills all the competition, beating out the previous leader by two tenths of a second.



Voro Motors claims 74 miles for the Roadster at 25 mph. Our tests recorded 54.7 miles, on a hilly riding course in normal car traffic.

Top: The EMOVE Roadster: Fastest Production Electric Scooter Ever!

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The Roadster comes to a stop in 9.1 ft from 15 mph, a phenomenal stopping distance and the best in its class. 

Hill Climb

On our 200-foot, 10% grade test, the EMOVE ROADSTER scooter took 6.1 seconds to reach the top at an average speed of 22.3 mph.

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#1 EMOVE Roadster: 0-30 in 3.1 seconds

Top: The EMOVE Roadster: Fastest Production Electric Scooter Ever!

EMOVE ROADSTER: Design, Build & Reliability

We give the EMOVE Roadster a very high reliability score of 8.61, a number we base on its name brand battery, IP rating, and tubeless tires with sealant and split rims. 

The Roadster is beautifully built, truly a carbon fiber masterpiece, as Voro calls it. Perhaps the only issue you’ll encounter is portability, but this is to be expected with a scooter this size.

The Roadster weighs an RG-tested 143 lbs, and it’s no picnic to move. There are few places to get a grip on the frame.

Rather than a standard stem latch, the Roadster has three removable stem bolts that must be unscrewed with a supplied hex key. It’s all a bit of an ordeal, but no one buys this scooter to carry it around.

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EMOVE ROADSTER: Is It Worth It? Our Verdict

Obviously we’re blown away by the Roadster’s top speed and acceleration, so much so that we can’t stop talking about it here at Electric Scooter Guide. Is is worth the money? 

If you’ve got a little under 6K for a carbon fiber racing scooter and the gear and chops to ride one, we can say yes, the Roadster is an absolute success for Voro Motors and a total surprise. We’re still a little shaken up! 

Top: The EMOVE Roadster: Fastest Production Electric Scooter Ever!

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