The Apollo Air – Apollo’s Lightest Electric Scooter Upgraded 

The Apollo Air 2023 is Apollo’s lightweight, affordable, commuter scooter, with features straight from their ultra-luxury, $3,400 Apollo Pro.

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Apollo really delivered on the name of the Apollo Air. The ride quality for this scooter’s weight and price is notable, and we are excited to see the app capabilities that enhance the rider’s experience. This entry-level scooter comes with a strong set of brakes, a comprehensive lighting package, grippy bars and deck for enhanced stability and control, and a Samsung-made battery.

The Apollo Air has always been easy to ride, mostly due to the motorcycle-style front suspension, and because both the throttle and regenerative brakes are ultra smooth. But for 2023, it picks up a more high-end feel, with new features from the company’s flagship Apollo Pro, in a 41.4. pound package costing only $999. 

Who Is This Scooter For?

The Apollo Air is intended for beginners and casual riders, but with its speed, great ride quality, and reliability, it makes a great last-mile scooter for anyone on a budget.

At 41.4 pounds, the Air is a good scooter for regular commuters and people who have to carry their scooters over a distance or up a few flights of stairs.

APOLLO AIR 2023 Specs

ModelAIR 2023
Weight41.4 lbs
Motor power (continuous)500W
Motor typeSingle motor
Top Speed21 mph (Manufacturer spec)
20.6 mph (ESG tested)
Range34 mi (Manufacturer spec)
22.4 mi (ESG tested)
Battery capacity540 Wh
Battery recharge time5-7 hrs
Max rider weight220 lbs
Brake typeDrum + Regenerative
Tire typePneumatic (Tubeless) + Pneumatic (Tubeless)
Suspension typeSpring + None
Built-in lightsFront + Rear
Water resistanceIP66
UL CertificationUL2272
Top: The Apollo Air – Apollo’s Lightest Electric Scooter Upgraded 

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Top: The Apollo Air – Apollo’s Lightest Electric Scooter Upgraded 

APOLLO AIR 2023: Performance

Top Speed


Our hands-on testing with a 165 lb rider on flat ground gave us a respectable max speed of 20.6 mph.


During our testing, I got a 5.4-second time from a standing start to 15 mph, which is 0.2 seconds faster than the 2022 Apollo Air


The power specs remain unchanged, but the Apollo Air 2023 does come with Apollo’s more efficient thumb throttle, which probably explains this improvement in acceleration.


Performance-wise, the most significant upgrade on the Apollo Air is the e-scooter’s range. Ridden in max performance mode, aka Sport Mode, on our hilly range test course, the 2023 Apollo Air scooter made a 22.4-mile trip before needing a recharge. The 2022 model was only able to go 19.5 miles. 

Both the 2022 and 2023 Apollo Air electric scooters have a 36 V 540 Wh battery. The difference, however, is that the new Apollo Air is equipped with a Samsung-branded battery with energy-dense 21700 cells. These cells provide a higher energy capacity, allowing the 2023 model to achieve a longer range than its predecessor. 

Top: The Apollo Air – Apollo’s Lightest Electric Scooter Upgraded 

apollo air suspension


The front drum brake on the 2023 model feels different. It now looks and feels a bit more like the one from the Ninebot Max. We got a longer stopping distance than the 2022 model, coming to a full stop from 15 mph in 13.7 feet, versus the previous model’s 10.4 feet.

I’d love to see a shorter braking distance. However, given that the scooter doesn’t hit an insanely high top speed, and seeing how easy it is to apply either the regen or mechanical brakes to modulate speed, I think braking is sufficient.

Hill Climb

On our steep 200 ft, 10% grade test, the Apollo Air 2023 beat the 2022 model to the top, hitting the top of the hill in 18.1 seconds, versus the latter’s 18.6 seconds.


Ride Quality

This scooters aluminum frame is tough enough to handle the rigors of daily commuting without feeling like you’re riding a kid’s electric scooter. The stem is sturdier, with more sets of screws in place for a solid ride than the previous model. Riders also get a slightly wider deck.

The motorcycle-style front forks also provide superior suspension and absorb shocks from uneven surface. The scooter’s incredibly smooth, and dead silent, too. That’s also courtesy of the now-tubeless 10-inch tires on the Apollo Air, with a slightly wider tire width to ensure an even more stable and balanced ride. This plus the Segway-style tread pattern increases traction and grip on various terrains, enhancing the overall control and maneuverability of the Apollo Air. 

The ride ergonomics are Apollo-level good, especially for an entry-level scooter. The handlebars are tall at 40.5 inches, and this version gets 0.2 inches more clearance (4.0 inches) to allow better rolling over obstacles. The grips on the handlebars also now lock in place, which means less arm fatigue when riding. 

The final reason for the improved ride quality is the smooth feeling throttle and regenerative braking. The 2023 iterations of the thumb levers for regen and throttle have a nicer shape and a more high-end feel than previous versions. Apollo says they put the throttle through 300,000 thousand push tests, versus the industry standard of 100,000 tests, to ensure its reliability. 

Top: The Apollo Air – Apollo’s Lightest Electric Scooter Upgraded 

APOLLO AIR 2023: Design, Build & Reliability

The Apollo Air rates very highly – with a score of 9.1 out of 10– on our Reliability Index, a number that averages 11 factors such as warranty length, tire type, UL certification, and battery manufacturer

A few factors that played a role in this score include the new Samsung battery, the 6,214 mi warranty on the frame, and self-sealing tubeless tires. The Apollo Air is IP66-rated, meaning you can afford to get caught up the rain, and the grippy Apollo-branded rubber mat on the deck ensures an easy clean-up if you do. Apollo also includes temperature sensors in the motor and controllers as a safeguard against overheating.

The Apollo Air 2023 feels like it’s inherited all our favorite things from the Apollo Pro, in a lighter, more affordable package.

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APOLLO AIR 2023: Is It Worth It? Our Verdict

The Apollo Air is the kind of scooter we can confidently recommend to beginner riders or riders looking for a reliable, daily commuting scooter. It is light enough to carry up a few flights of stairs, easy and intuitive to ride, and it delivers a very comfortable ride.

The new bars, the high-mounted turn signals, the stronger frame and stem, the self-sealing tubeless tires, the upgraded throttle and regen levers, and the slightly increased dimensions all make the Apollo Air even more appealing and worth the extra investment, especially given its exceptional reliability.

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Top: The Apollo Air – Apollo’s Lightest Electric Scooter Upgraded 

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