The Top Ten EMOVE Touring Accessories

So you’ve just bought an EMOVE Touring 2024. Congrats, you have got yourself a very good electric scooter. Or maybe you’ve got an older model Touring, in which case… Congrats!

The Touring is one of the most reliable electric scooters on the market — the most reliable scooter, in fact, under $800, thanks to its warranty, low maintenance tires and brakes, availability of spare parts from maker Voro Motors (as well as a plethora of EMOVE Touring accessories from Voro).

The EMOVE Touring is also the fastest electric scooter under $800, hitting a top speed of 27 mph in ESG tests. With all that speed, you’re going to need some safety gear, starting, of course, with a helmet. If you don’t already own one and want to travel light, a folding helmet is a great option.

Security is just as important: the Touring has a keyed start, but to really keep it safe from thieves, you need to lock it up tight with a high-quality hardened steel U-lock like Voro Motors fingerprint lock below.

We could go on about all the accessories, except you can see them for yourself below.

the long deck of the EMOVE Touring 2024.

1. Closca Loop Folding Helmet — $79.90

If you can’t carry a bulky helmet around with you but you want to protect your most valuable asset, your brain, then the Closca foldable helmet for both men and women is a great choice.

It’s got a two-year warranty, comes highly recommended by users, and promises to fit every head with its LOOP system.

Top: The Top Ten EMOVE Touring Accessories

2. Fingerprint U-Lock — $70.00

Keep your investment safe: lock up your Roadrunner whenever you leave it with a secure lock made from hardened steel, like this fingerprint U-Lock from Voro Motors.

With this VM fingerprint U-lock, your finger is the key. A biometric fingerprint scanner lets you lock and unlock your scooter with just one touch. The lock uses advanced encryption to keep your data safe and it can’t be opened by anyone but you.

Top: The Top Ten EMOVE Touring Accessories

3. USB Rechargeable Front and Rear Lights — $12.91

Unfortunately, some electric scooters come with inadequate lighting. Not only are their lights too dim for night riding or good visibility in fog or rain, but they are mounted too low for drivers to see.

The Touring’s lighting is bright, but it’s too low to the ground. Solution: an inexpensive, USB rechargeable, and very bright set of waterproof lights that mount to your handlebars and helmet, keeping you safe and visible in every situation. 

Top: The Top Ten EMOVE Touring Accessories

4. Multipurpose Tool Kit — $19.99

One of the great things about the EMOVE Touring is just how easy it is to fix most issues yourself. It’s the ultimate DIY scooter. Be ready for anything, at home and on the road, with this multitool. Tool includes:

  • 8mm, 9mm, 10mm Sockets
  • 8mm, 10mm, 15mm All in one Wrench
  • Phillips Head Screwdriver
  • 1.0 x 5mm Flathead Screwdriver
  • 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, and 6mm Hex Keys
Top: The Top Ten EMOVE Touring Accessories

5. Rubber Ducky Bell — $9.99

Let other people know you’re coming with the adorable Duck Bike Bell.

This beloved accessory is great for the bike trail, where it won’t startle joggers and cyclists – not so much for the road where you’ll need the EMOVE Touring’s loud horn to get attention.

Top: The Top Ten EMOVE Touring Accessories

6. Carbon Fiber Handlebar Extender — $28.00

There are few things worse than a crowded handlebar, especially when you want to add more lights or rubber ducky bells.

With this tough but light-as-a-feather carbon fiber mount, you can add as many accessory lights, horns, phone mounts, etc, as you want without adding too much extra weight to your scooter.

Top: The Top Ten EMOVE Touring Accessories

7. Phone Mount — $27.00

Using your phone is a fact, but phone safety when riding saves lives.

Keep both hands on the handlebars and use a phone mount to hold your hand computer instead. And then, only check messages when you come to a safe stop away from traffic.

This Voro Motors mount will fit all phones and all rounded scooter handlebars. 

Top: The Top Ten EMOVE Touring Accessories

8. Scooter Shoulder Strap — $12.99

Need to carry your awkwardly folded scooter in a less awkward position? Portability doesn’t always mean comfortable carrying.

This adjustable shoulder strap should find a place to attach on almost any scooter frame and make toting your scooter much less fatiguing. 

Top: The Top Ten EMOVE Touring Accessories

9. Handlebar Bag — $29.00

Ditch the backpack and the fanny pack, empty your heavy pockets, fill this Voro Motors handlebar bag with your wallet, keys, loose change, multitool, strap, mini airpump, etc….

Made from high-quality, durable materials and features multiple compartments to keep your items organized and within reach…. Did we mention this front bag is also weather resistant? The exterior material combined with the water resistant zipper keeps your belongings nice and dry while riding in light rain.

Top: The Top Ten EMOVE Touring Accessories

10. Electric Scooter Wall Hanger — $24.99 

Made for the Xiaomi Mi M365 scooter, this wall hanger has a maximum weight load of 50 lbs and should work perfectly for the EMOVE Touring, whether you hang it in your home or your garage.

It should also fit virtually any rear- or front-mounted, single motor scooter with large enough spaces in the front or rear wheel to hang the scooter.

Top: The Top Ten EMOVE Touring Accessories

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