Shred On! How Shredlights Keep E-Riders Safe

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Adding bright lights to your electric scooter doesn’t just make you stand out – it keeps you a lot  safer on the road at night. Poor night lighting is one reason 82% of electric scooter fatalities happen at night, and the chance of getting hit by a car on an electric scooter is twice as high when the sun goes down

Drivers simply don’t see e-scooter riders, and riders sometimes can’t see what’s right in front of them, so a wirelessly-controlled, USB-C charging lighting system like Shredlights gives you the visibility you need from every angle. 

Although electric scooters have built-in lights, most of them aren’t bright enough. We almost always recommend adding bright commuter LED lights, whether you ride at night because it’s fun, convenient, or the only way to get home, you need maximum visibility to stay safe.

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Voted “Best Light Company of 2024,” Shredlights were invented seven years ago by riders who realized electric skateboards needed headlights.

Over the next several years, the company developed Bluetooth-enabled LED headlights, tail lights, helmet lights, and more. Shredlights are designed for commuting and made specifically for small vehicles on the road, and they’ve grown beyond skateboards. 

The revolution of light electric vehicles is changing how we get around cities forever, and we’re ready to make it safer.

Personal electric vehicles are changing urban transportation forever, and one way to make them safer is to light up scooters, bikes, skateboards, EUCs – and their riders: so bright they can’t be ignored. 


Every Shredlights package comes with a range of mounting options so you can always find a way to make them fit your vehicle or helmet. They also feature thousands of color combinations to personalize your ride and app control for maximum convenience and customization. 

What’s really cool about Shredlights is that they offer special prices on packages. You can build your own or buy lights individually, whatever suits your budget. Prices range from $200+ for their biggest bundle  to just under $60 for their bestselling programmable underglow light. 

They also sell mounts, a quad-USB-C charging cable, and more so that you can get an exact fit, whatever it is you’re riding, and their hardware is affordable, with most mounts priced at around $10. 


Next to wearing a helmet, lighting up your ride is the best way you can protect yourself from accidents, and lighting up your helmet is a double bonus. Shredlights has a range of helmet lights to choose from, and they even sell a stylish commuter helmet with a big red LED in the back so no one can miss your dome in the dark. 

Shredlights may have branched out from skateboards, but they don’t have a category of lights just for electric scooters, yet. We recommend going to their make your own bundle page. You can put together a lighting package based on your budget and preferences. The great thing about Shredlights is that they’ll mount pretty much anywhere, keeping you and the road visible wherever you go.

ESG readers get 10% off Shredlights with our exclusive code RG10

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