Where Can You Find Electric Scooter Parts?


Despite the name, electric scooters are mostly made of mechanical parts, and these are subject to a lot of stress on the road. Bolts and screws can come loose, sometimes strip, and even break. Brake rotors can get bent or warped. Low-mounted lights and fenders can crack and shatter. Scooter parts need replacement.

These things happen: it’s part of the natural life cycle of any machine, and especially a road-worthy commuter or high-performance electric vehicle built for daily use. If you want to keep your scooter running properly, you should learn some basic maintenance techniques and be prepared to replace the occasional part, whether that’s a broken fender, brake pads, or even a battery.

Whether your scooter is out of warranty or you’d rather do your own repairs instead of shipping it off and waiting, you should know how to find the scooter parts you need. Do you always need specialized parts? Can you hit the bike shop or hardware store? Read on for our guide to finding electric scooter parts….

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Identifying the Right Parts for Your Electric Scooter Model


When it comes to finding the right parts for your electric scooter, it’s essential to know your scooter model. Each scooter model may have specific parts that are unique to it. To identify the right parts, you can consult your scooter’s user manual or contact the manufacturer for assistance.

Reputable Brands Stock Scooter Parts

The best electric scooter manufacturers will have an ample supply of spare parts on hand for their most popular, currently-selling models (and they will often stock parts for older models as well). We consider parts availability so important that we’ve made it one of the 11 criteria in our Reliability Index for determining how durable a scooter will be over the long term.

Some of our favorite brands for parts availability are EMOVE (the house brand of Voro Motors), Apollo, Solar, GOTRAX, and Segway. All of these brands stock parts and have repair videos and customer service technicians who can help talk you through common repairs and replacements.

The manufacturer’s website is the best place to start, but don’t despair if you don’t find what you need right away. Sometimes, a quick phone call and a search through some old stock can turn up exactly what you need. Additionally, you can search online forums and communities where electric scooter enthusiasts share knowledge and experiences about parts replacements.


Time for an Upgrade?

When you’re changing parts on your electric scooter, it’s also good time to think about upgrades. Upgrading the battery, motor, or tires can enhance performance and lifespan.

Research and expert advice can help you choose compatible upgrades. Selecting and installing the right parts can improve your scooter’s performance and enjoyment in the long run.

Again, the manufacturer’s website is the first place to check for an upgrade to your particular scooter. Then, you might check forums, on Reddit, for example, specific to your make and model, where other riders will post suggestions and pics.

Where Can You Get an Electric Scooter Repaired?

DIY Maintenance: Replacing Electric Scooter Parts

For those who like to work on their electric scooters themselves, replacing parts can be a great way to learn more about your vehicle and save money. Many online retailers offer electric scooter parts with detailed guides for replacement, including step-by-step instructions and demonstration videos.

Taking your time and following the instructions carefully is crucial to replacing parts successfully and avoiding damage to your scooter.

Learn more about common scooter repairs and how to find a repair shop

Essential Tools for Repairing Electric Scooter Parts

Having the right tools is vital for fixing electric scooter parts. Necessary tools include screwdrivers, wrenches, pliers, wire cutters, and a multimeter. Investing in quality tools ensures durability and precise results. With the right tools, you can effectively handle any repairs or replacements needed for your electric scooter.

We recommend some of the following inexpensive tool sets to get you started:

Top Online Retailers for Electric Scooter Parts

When it comes to finding electric scooter parts online, there are several reliable retailers to choose from. These retailers specialize in electric scooter parts and offer a wide selection of products for brands they carry.

Beware of 3rd Party Vendors

You can also check eBay and Amazon for electric scooter parts specific to your make and model. However, one critical aspect to consider when identifying parts for your electric scooter is compatibility. Using incompatible, or even potentially defective, parts can lead to performance issues, damage to your scooter, or worse. Try to purchase only from trustworthy sellers.

It’s crucial to double-check the specifications of the parts you are purchasing to ensure they are compatible with your scooter model. This can involve checking details such as voltage requirements, dimensions, and connector types to guarantee a proper fit. Even if a part seems like it might work, make certain that it will before installing it and riding. it’s alway better to be safe than sorry later.

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