TurboAnt M10 Pro: Best Range-Per-Dollar Electric Scooter

We think the TurboAnt M10 Pro is a great choice for new riders on a budget.

This scooter also beat out every currently available scooter in our database when it comes to range per dollar.

a photo of the Turboant M10 Pro electric scooter

TurboAnt M10 Pro – $389

TurboAnt makes high-quality, budget-friendly scooters we’ve recommended for a few years running in our best-of lists. When they first released the M10 a couple years ago, however, we didn’t review it because it couldn’t climb our test hill (even with a running start).

Then came the TurboAnt M10 Lite, by all accounts a completely different scooter, and now there’s the TurboAnt M10 Pro, which we thoroughly tested for our review below. It’s got a 57% larger battery and 25% more speed than the M10 Lite, all for only 30% more than the Lite’s $299 price tag.

Sound like a good deal? It gets even better. At its sale price of $389, the M10 Pro gets the best range per dollar out of 152 currently available scooters in our database.


Who Is This Scooter For?

Don’t let the “pro” throw you. The M10 Pro is definitely a beginner electric scooter. It’s kick-start only, so you have to push off with your foot to get the motor going, and its thumb throttle offers some pretty mellow acceleration.

That said, I really enjoyed riding this scooter, and there’s a lot to recommend it as an inexpensive last-mile ride for more experienced scooter riders, such as high top speed and impressive range.

TurboAnt M10 Pro Specs

ModelM10 Pro
Weight36.4 lbs
Motor power (continuous)350W
Motor typeFront hub motor
Top Speed20 mph (Manufacturer spec)
18.9 mph (ESG tested)
Range30 mi (Manufacturer spec)
18.2 mi (ESG tested)
Battery capacity375 Wh
Battery recharge time6-7 hrs
Max rider weight220 lbs
Brake typeFront electronic + Rear Disc
Tire typePneumatic (Tube) + Pneumatic (Tube)
Tire Size8.5 in
IP RatingIP54
Top: TurboAnt M10 Pro: Best Range-Per-Dollar Electric Scooter

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Top: TurboAnt M10 Pro: Best Range-Per-Dollar Electric Scooter

TurboAnt M10 Pro: Performance

Top Speed

While the M10 Pro hit its specified top speed of 20 mph easily, electric scooter speedometers tend to read a little high. Our data logger captured the scooter on flat ground, with a fully-charged battery, at an official top speed of 18.9.

That’s about as fast as the fastest budget scooter we’ve tested, the Hiboy S2, and it’s plenty of speed for passing cyclists in the bike lane.



The M10 Pro’s laid back throttle gives it a rather leisurely acceleration of 7.8 seconds to 15 mph. (The Hiboy S2 beats it off the line by a second and a half).

You won’t get an adrenaline rush from the M10 Pro, but it has very smooth handling, and it speeds up quickly after 15 mph. The gradual acceleration curve works well for beginners who haven’t yet mastered braking and cornering.


A handful of budget scooters – like the S2 and the GOTRAX G3 Plus – can hit the M10 Pro’s top speed, or close to it. But nothing even gets close when it comes to range.

The M10 Pro has a big battery for the price, so I expected great things. But it went even further than I expected. On our hilly range-test course, I covered 18.2 miles riding in the fastest mode.

TurboAnt claims 30 miles in the M10 Pro’s slowest mode, and that’s certainly feasible. I rode over half that range in top speed mode, and we usually get 50-60% of the specified range on our test course.

The M10 Pro emerges as the clear range winner compared to similarly-priced budget scooters. Averaged out in terms of range per dollar, the M10 Pro also beats every available electric scooter we’ve ever tested – that’s 152 scooters total.

Top: TurboAnt M10 Pro: Best Range-Per-Dollar Electric Scooter



Braking will be familiar to most people who have ridden budget scooters in the past: a single brake lever controls a regenerative brake in the front and a single disc brake in the rear.

The lever activates the brake lights, which can be seen from behind and from either side of the scooter, and the regen brake helps recharge your battery. The benefit of having a regenerative brake up front is that it will never lock up and send you sailing over the handlebars.

These brakes are a huge upgrade from the original M10, which had no front brake at all. The M10 Pro stops in 18.2 feet from a speed of 15 mph – typical of electric scooters in its price class.

m10 15

Hill Climb

The M10 Pro can climb hills! But with its fairly low-powered, front-mounted 350W motor, it struggled to make it up the claimed 15% grade.

Our 10% grade hill test might be the limit for a rider of my size (165 lbs). If you live in a city with a lot of steep hills you can’t avoid, this may not be the electric scooter for you.

Ride Quality

You won’t get suspension at this price, but the TurboAnt M10 Pro’s 8.5 inch air-filled tires do a good job over small bumps, and the frame’s solid build remained rattle free on my ride.

m10 10

Top: TurboAnt M10 Pro: Best Range-Per-Dollar Electric Scooter

TurboAnt M10 Pro: Design, Build & Reliability

We’ve given the M10 Pro a 7.1 on our Reliability Index, which is typical for scooters in this price class. The availability of parts on the TurboAnt website bumps their score up, but it’s pulled down by the lack of a UL Certification and a 1-year warranty that only covers the battery and motor for 6 months.

The M10 Pro’s design will be familiar to anyone who has ridden the Xiaomi M365, once the most popular electric scooter in existence thanks to their ubiquity in shared scooter fleets around the world. It’s a design that works perfectly well for budget rides, although some features can be awkward, like the stem that sits at an angle when folded down.

The TurboAnt M10 Pro is almost ten pounds heavier than the very portable Xiaomi, however, making it slightly less portable. Still, 36 pounds isn’t difficult to carry up and down a couple flights of stairs, and the scooter’s trunk-friendly dimensions mean you can take it just about anywhere.

m10 4

TurboAnt M10: Is It Worth It? Our Verdict

This third version of the TurboAnt M10 is definitely the best yet. Its exceptional range per dollar numbers really blew us away. 18 miles might not seem that impressive, but the added 2-3 miles of range over most budget scooters can make all the difference to your commute. TurboAnt electric scooters for adults are already some of the best values on the budget market. Now they’re even better.

In budget scooter terms, the M10 Pro is a long-range champion, and you won’t do better in that regard for the price. But if you’re looking for an adrenaline rush, you won’t find it here: the M10 Pro is tuned for beginners. It’s an easy-to-ride electric scooter for new riders on a budget – or really, anyone who wants an inexpensive commuter scooter with long range and a smooth throttle response.

Top: TurboAnt M10 Pro: Best Range-Per-Dollar Electric Scooter

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