Get Up to 60% Off Hover-1 Scooters for the Whole Family

Hover-1 is nearly a household name in personal electric vehicles because their hoverboards are on the shelves in big box stores and major online retailers. They’ve made similar strides with their electric scooters and ebikes, and they’ve had the same high levels of customer satisfaction.

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If you’re looking for an alternative to big brands like Segway, check out Hover-1’s offerings for both adults and kids.

Hover-1 Scooter Sales for Spring

We’ve reviewed Hover-1’s Journey Max, Alpha 2.0, and Journey 2.0, three different electric scooters we would definitely recommend for different riders.

You can pick up the Journey 2.0, a great scooter for smaller adults and teens, for only $274. It comes in your choice of a couple neon colors and makes a bright, highly visible statement wherever you go.

The Alpha 2.0 is an 18 mph-max budget scooter with swag lights and a bluetooth speaker to let everyone know you’re coming, for only $348.

The Journey Max, on the other hand, is the budget dual-motor scooter that climbed the steepest hill in San Francisco (just barely, but it got there!). We crowned this electric scooter the best hill climber you can buy for under $600.

The Max’s closest competitor for that title might just be another Hover-1 scooter. The Journey 2.0 now comes in a dual motor version, with 700 watts total, 8.5″ pneumatic tires, and projected top speed of 15-19 mph.

The Journey Max and 2.0 is a great scooter for commutes or rides around town, and it also makes an excellent ride with the family on weekends. With top speeds of around 19 mph, they can keep up with ebikes, electric skateboards, and other smaller vehicles, easily.

What about the family? Of course, Hover-1 is well known for making kids’ scooters, but they don’t make toys – Their electric scooters are well-built and come with a 1 year warranty. For spring, they’ve got several scooters on sale for the whole family.

Take a look at these Hover-1 scooters on sale now:

Hover-1 Renegade (Dual 450W motors, 18 mph max speed) – $399 (60% off)

Hover-1 Pro Series Boss (500W motor, 20 mph top speed) – $505 (37% off)

Hover-1 Helios (500W motor, 18 mph top speed) – $488 (30% off)

Hover-1 EBike Sales

You might not know that Hover-1 also makes ebikes. We’ve had the Hover-1 Altai in our offices, in the queue for review, and it’s a gnarly-looking ebike, with a motorcycle frame and top speed of 28 mph.

It’s also on sale for 45% off right now. Pick up the Altai R500 for the incredibly low price of only $1,264. You’ll have a hard time finding not a price like that on a fast, off-road capable ebike from a reputable company anywhere else.

The even more powerful Altai Pro, with its 750W motor, is a true Class-3 beast that can take on any terrain. It’s now going for 37% off, down to $1,885 from its full price of $2,999.

As you’d expect, Hover-1 also has a great kids ebike on sale. The Hover-1 instinct comes in a few different colors and now goes for only $729, that’s 27% its full price for spring.

This is the time to get out and ride with the family, and Hover-1 has got some of the best deals on e-bikes and electric scooters to get everyone out of the house.

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