GOTRAX Warranty is Two Years for ALL Electric Scooters + Get Free Shipping

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We admit it, we’ve been hard on Texas-based company GOTRAX in years past. They represented a decent value in the budget scooter market, letting customers buy a new ride off the shelf for a few hundred dollars that was better than most cheap no-name scooters on Amazon. But the GOTRAX warranty really gave us pause.

With only a 180-day warranty on electric scooters like the G4, we couldn’t be so enthusiastic about their customer service, and we said so. Shortly afterward, whether in response to criticism or not, GOTRAX increased their warranty period to a standard one year policy covering manufacturer defects and all major parts.

Better GOTRAX Warranty, Better GOTRAX Scooters

g3 plus

Not only did GOTRAX’s warranty period and customer service improve, but so too did their scooters, with models like the GOTRAX G3 Plus raising the bar for what a budget scooter can be. This was quickly followed by the GOTRAX G5 and G6, the first GOTRAX scooters with front suspension + tubeless pneumatic tires for improved ride quality.

Then, GOTRAX did two things that really surprised us: 1) They released two entry-level performance scooters, the GX1 and GX2, with powerful dual motors and dual hydraulic suspension, and 2) They introduced their current warranty policy of 2 years for every scooter.

The new GOTRAX scooter warranty (plus an increased availability of parts) is one reason for our upgraded reliability score, from 7.4 to 8.5, in our ESG six-month review of the GX1 and GX2. Not only has GOTRAX made serious investments in the design and engineering of their latest electric scooters, but they’re also willing to stand behind their products in the long term.

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Lower Prices and Free Shipping

As if the 2-year GOTRAX warranty weren’t enough of an enticement for new buyers, GOTRAX also offers free shipping on all scooters, and they’ve hugely discounted prices on their two newest scooters, the GX1 and GX2, now going for only $999 and $1,299, the same prices as some of the best single motor scooters out there.

GOTRAX really offers the total package for new and intermediate riders alike who want the peace of mind an extended warranty brings. If you’re in the market for a budget scooter, for yourself or for a youngster, they’ve got you covered with models for everyone, nearly always on sale, and now with a 2-YEAR-WARRANTY on all scooters.

We can’t recommend GOTRAX highly enough these days, so check out all their scooters below and check out our six-month review of their flagship scooters, the GX1 and GX2.

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