GOTRAX GX1 and GX2 Long-Term Review: An Even Better Value 6 Months Later

gotrax gx1 and gotrax gx2 side by side

GOTRAX GX1 / GX2 – $999 / 1,299

Six months ago GOTRAX scooters surprised us with the release of their first dual-motor GOTRAX electric scooter in two flavors, the GOTRAX GX1 and GX2. At the time, we couldn’t believe these models’ low prices and high-end specs. 

The GX1 electric scooter, and its slightly bigger sibling, the GX2, are entry-level sports scooters with impressive features. The GX1 has two 600W motors and the GX2 has dual 800W motors. They also have dual hydraulic suspension, unheard-of for scooters under $1500.

Now, GOTRAX’s entry-level performance scooters are even cheaper (at the moment) AND come with a 2-YEAR WARRANTY AND have earned a new reliability score from us: moving from a very respectable 7.4 to an excellent 8.5.

Read (or watch) on to learn more about how these scooters represent some of the best value on the market right now.

Top: GOTRAX GX1 and GX2 Long-Term Review: An Even Better Value 6 Months Later

Our Full Video Review

Top: GOTRAX GX1 and GX2 Long-Term Review: An Even Better Value 6 Months Later

Huge Price Decreases

Already affordable at $1,299 to $1,499, GOTRAX’s dual motor models are now even more so at hundreds less. The GX1 electric scooter is only $999, the same price as a Max G2, and the GX2 is down to $1,299, only $100 more than another single-motor classic.

GOTRAX is one of the largest makers of electric scooters and biggest brands in emobility around the world, with scooters available from national retailers and major online distributors. The regular price of their scooters has remained low, and in many cases, gotten even lower, even as their scooters have serious improved in value and quality.

2-Year Warranty on All New GOTRAX Electric Scooters! 


GOTRAX EV riders can rejoice — it might have been all our prodding or a desire to become an even better brand (or both), but whatever the reason, the company has, over the past two years, upped their warranty from 180 days to 1 year to 2 FULL YEARS OF WARRANTY PROTECTION FOR EVERY NEW SCOOTER!

This is a recent change and one of the biggest reasons for our upgraded reliablity score. The GOTRAX warranty covers all major parts of GOTRAX scooters, including the motors and battery, and it seriousy increases the value of every GOTRAX scooter, whether you buy one at regular or sale price.


Real World Range and Top Speed Numbers

In our initial reviews, we reported that our real-world range test numbers fell somewhat short of GOTRAX’s claims. Manufacturer specs are ideal numbers that don’t account for hills, wind speed and direction, rider weight, and other variables, such as the way you ride.

That’s really why our range test course has so many hills. We want the ESG official range number to sort of be the minimum range you’d expect during normal riding. Yeah, if you try you can get even less, but if you ride the way most people ride, you’re going to be pretty safe using the ESG range number from our reviews.


More aggressive riding will always decrease range. But over the last six months, Paul has ridden these two scooter more often and found that there’s always a little left in the tank even when approaching our range numbers of 20 and 25 miles, respectively.

We’ve seen no loss of battery life and health over the last six months, and can still report (firmware-limited) top speeds of 30.6 and 35.6.

Long-Term Reliability of the GX1 Electric Scooter and GX2 Electric Scooter

Here’s where we’ve given these scooters a huge upgrade — upping them in our reliability index from a 7.4 to an 8.5.

And here’s why: the change from a one to two-year warranty makes up a big part of the difference; we’ve also seen a greater availability of replacement parts on the GOTRAX website AND we’ve learned that these scooters are, in fact, UL Certified, which wins high marks from us. (Find out why here.)

Additionally, the scooters’ hydraulic shocks have lost none of their damping power, and tubeless pneumatic tires remain flat-free.

Top: GOTRAX GX1 and GX2 Long-Term Review: An Even Better Value 6 Months Later

gotrax gx1 rearbrake

GOTRAX GX1 and GX2: Long-Term Conclusions

You can learn much more about what makes these two amazing scooters even better six months after purchase in our long-term video review above, and learn about some of their quirks and minor issues. (“There’s nothing really bad,” says Paul, “but there are quirks…. that still bug me.”)

Maintenance is more than manageable, and GOTRAX makes it easy to access all the scooters’ wiring, making servicing simple.

Maybe, at this point, the only question remaining is whether you should buy the GX1 or GX2.

The answer ultimately comes down to your budget, but you might be surprised by which scooter we think offers you the best value for the price! Find out in our video review and check these scooters out at GOTRAX just below.

Top: GOTRAX GX1 and GX2 Long-Term Review: An Even Better Value 6 Months Later

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