VMAX Scooters Drops All Prices 20% + 10% Off with Our Code

We already thought VMAX scooters were a steal — at $100-$200 less than the competition and a legitimate 2-year warranty that covers all major parts, including the battery and motor. How could you go wrong?

The Swiss company has made strides in the US market with exceptionally well-built scooters like the VX5 GT and VX2 Pro GT, both of which we’ve ridden, tested, and reviewed.

VMAX designs and builds their own electric scooters, all in-house in Europe, making scooters that outclass their rivals: The VX2 Pro, for example, blew away our comparison scooters in top speed, acceleration, hill climbing, and range tests.

And now you can get these scooters for even less. If the VX5 was a “steal” at $599, it’s almost grand theft scooter at 30% down from that. Originally $1,199, the VX2 Pro GT — with its nearly 30 miles of range and “Beast Mode” — comes down to $999 + our 10% off with our code RIDERGUIDE.

You’re getting the idea…. These amazing scooters are now selling at even more amazing prices. We don’t recommend electric scooter brands we haven’t tested and don’t ride ourselves. VMAX scooters are quickly becoming favorites with the Electric Scooter Guide + Rider Guide crew.

We haven’t tested them yet, but VMAX also makes dual-motor performance scooters with serious specs and deep discounts. The R55 Pro, a dual motor monster with 3200W peak power, is going for $400 off at $1,499 + our 10% discount.

If you’re in need of a fast, dependable electric scooter with sleek styling and rock-solid build quality, VMAX should already be near the top of the list for quality and performance. Now they’re making a play for absolute best value. Check out all their scooters just below and use the code RIDERGUIDE to get an additional 10% off.

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