VMAX VX2 Pro GT: A Beast Mode Commuter Scooter

VMAX isn’t well-known stateside, but the Swiss company has established itself as a serious manufacturer since 2015.

The VMAX VX2 Pro GT is their best-selling performance scooter in Europe, and we’ve put it in another class entirely: the single-motor monster.

VMAX VX2 Pro GT – $999

Swiss company VMAX has been making inroads in the US, after 8 years of designing and making their own electric scooters in-house. We were impressed with VX5 GT, a well-built commuter scooter from the Swiss company. For under $500, this portable everyday rider seemed like an ideally practical choice for its balance of price and performance.

The bigger, faster VMAX VX2 is also a practical choice, for smashing most every single-motor electric scooter under $1000 in every category. From acceleration and top speed to hill climbing and range, the VX2 sped past the competition, while offering stylish design and a firm, stable ride quality almost exactly like the original Segway Ninebot Max (the one without suspension).

Just like the VMAX VX5, the VX2 comes in three battery sizes. We tested the largest battery size, the GT, for the most power and the longest range.

Who is this Scooter For?


The VX2 Pro GT will more than satisfy riders who want maximum performance under $1K and who are willing to give up a little comfort on longer rides to get it. Smaller and sleeker than many rivals, the VX2 Pro is also ultra-reliable, for reasons we’ll say more about below.

The lack of suspension might make heavier riders hesitate, but the tubeless tires can be run at a lower PSI for better shock absorption, and the scooter’s weight limit goes up to 287 pounds.

All-in-all, the VX2 Pro is built for anyone who wants a fast, long-range entry-level scooter — and it’s the only single-motor electric scooter with “Beast Mode”!

VMAX VX2 Pro GT Specs

ModelVX2 Pro GT
Weight45 lbs
Motor power (continuous)500W
Motor typeSingle motor
Top Speed24 mph (Manufacturer spec)
24.4 mph (ESG tested)
Range37 mi (Manufacturer spec)
29.5 mi (ESG tested)
Battery capacity768 Wh
Battery recharge time6.5 hrs
Max rider weight287 lbs
Brake typeFront Drum + Rear Regenerative
Tire typePneumatic (Tubeless) + Pneumatic (Tubeless)
Suspension typeNone
Water resistanceIPX6
UL CertificationUL2272

Our Full Video Review

Top: VMAX VX2 Pro GT: A Beast Mode Commuter Scooter

VMAX VX2 Pro: Performance

Top Speed


VMAX claims that the VX2 Pro GT will max out at 24 mph. We pushed it to 24.4 on our top speed run, a useful speed for passing bikes and occasionally merging with traffic when you need to turn or when the lane narrows.

The VX2 Pro GT blows past most scooters in this price range, which tend to max out around 20 to 22 mph.

Top: VMAX VX2 Pro GT: A Beast Mode Commuter Scooter


The VX2 Pro GT’s “beast mode” is no joke: it actually works, making this the quickest single motor electric scooter in its class. In fact, the only single motor scooter that accelerates faster is the far more expensive Segway GT1. (Watch our video review for the full Beast Mode scoop.)

The VX2 Pro GT beat out the Ninebot MAX G2, the NIU KQi3 MAX, and Okai Neon Pro, and the Apollo Air 2023 for first place in our 0 to 15 mph acceleration test, hitting 15 mph in just 3.7 seconds.

Top: VMAX VX2 Pro GT: A Beast Mode Commuter Scooter

Hill Climb


Although the VX2 Pro’s motor is only specced at 500W, it’s still the most powerful in its class, not only out-accelerating other scooters like the Segway Ninebot MAX G2, but also beating them up the hill by a full 2 to 6 seconds.

While manufacturers emphasize motor power specs, these numbers don’t often tell you much about how much actual, physical torque a scooter motor can produce. This is why a scooter with a motor rated for 500W can beat scooters with motors rated for 1,000 nominal Watts.

The VX2 Pro simply has a more efficiently designed motor that generates more power than its rivals, sending it up our test hill in a very respectable 11.7 seconds.

Top: VMAX VX2 Pro GT: A Beast Mode Commuter Scooter



We were truly blown away by the VMAX VX2’s 29.5 mile range on our hilly test course.

“Nothing we’ve tested at this price has gone this far. It beat the Ninebot MAX G2 by 11% and on top of that I was riding fully unlocked in Beast Mode the whole time.”


Based on our estimates, we’d guess the smaller-sized ST and LT versions of the VMAX VX2 Pro will cover 24 miles and 19 miles, respectively.

Top: VMAX VX2 Pro GT: A Beast Mode Commuter Scooter



Braking distance is very good, stopping from 15 mph in only 12.5 feet. Paul found a hack to improve this number even further (see him demonstrate it in our video review).

These brakes strike a good balance between safety, performance, and low maintenance, with a drum brake in the front and a regenerative brake in the rear wheel, a combination that requires very little adjustment and no replacement parts.

Ride Quality

Our expert tester Paul compares the ride quality of the VMAX VX2 Pro to the original Segway MAX electric scooter, a perennial favorite and an electric scooter that we still cite as a benchmark at this price point.

The Segway Ninebot MAX has since acquired suspension, however, in its G2 iteration, making it a much more comfortable ride, especially over the long haul.

Once you step on the VX2 Pro, you immediately realize how solidly-built it is, with no rattles anywhere in evidence. But this solidity can feel like stiffness on the road, with little give in the frame or stem to dampen vibration.

The scooter’s owner’s manual specifies that its wide, 2.7″ tubeless tires can be run from 30 PSI to 45 PSI. At lower pressures, the ride is so much smoother, you’d swear the scooter had a suspension system. But this comfort comes at the cost of about 10% less range.

Top: VMAX VX2 Pro GT: A Beast Mode Commuter Scooter

VMAX VX2 Pro: Design, Build & Reliability


We give the VX2 Pro an 8.9 on our Reliability Index, a number based on 11 factors that we track for each scooter we test. This scooter’s very high marks come from major pluses like its 2-year warranty, tubeless tires, IPX6 water resistance rating, and UL certification (an especially important consideration if you live in NYC, where stores can only sell UL certified scooters.)

The build quality of the scooter is overall surprisingly good, with a strong locking mechanism that requires little force to open and closes with a satisfying clunk. The deck is roomy and covered with grippy silicone that’s easy to clean,


“The VX2 GT Pro weighs in at 45.2 lbs, so it’s not light, but about what we’d expect for this class of scooter. My one complaint when it comes to portability is the wide handlebars can make it a snug fit depending on the size of your trunk”


VMAX VX2 Pro: Is It Worth It? Our Verdict


While the VX2 Pro has serious competition from stalwart premium budget scooters like the Apollo Air, NIU KQi3 Max, and Segway Ninebot MAX G2, it’s also setting a new bar for raw performance per dollar.

Nothing in the VMAX VX2 Pro’s class can keep up. It’s as well built as these top scooters and hard not to recommend for performance alone. But, of course, different scooters work differently for different riders, and we’d want to own all these scooters if we could for different reasons.

You can learn more about why you might choose one of these scooters over the others in our video review above. We compare the VX2 Pro to other scooters in terms of weight, suspension, ride quality, etc.

There are so many considerations when you’re shopping for an electric scooter, which is why we test the best vehicles out there and report back to you. When it comes to the VMAX VX2 Pro GT, you get a huge amount of speed, power, acceleration, reliability, and build quality for the price.

The VX2 Pro isn’t a performance scooter, but if you’re in the under $1K market, you should be very, very happy with its performance.

Top: VMAX VX2 Pro GT: A Beast Mode Commuter Scooter

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