RoadRunner RX7 Electric Scooter: Top Speed & Acceleration Test

Everything on the new RoadRunner RX7 electric scooter – from its electroluminescent night lighting to its racing tires – is premium and ultra-practical. And the RoadRunner RX7 top speed, acceleration, and range specs promise to deliver like no other premium electric scooter.

As we noted in our first look at this most-anticipated performance scooter, this is one ride you won’t need to upgrade, since all the best parts come stock.

Components include Italian racing tires by PMT, made out of real rubber instead of nylon like every other scooter tire; adjustable KKE hydraulic shocks; and high-end Magura four-piston hydraulic brakes.

The RoadRunner RX7 is a scooter with racing appointments because it promises racing speeds upwards of 70 mph. Does it come close? We find out in our first speed run and acceleration test. But first, we open up the box(es).

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RoadRunner RX7 – $3,999 $4,799

RX7 throttle

RoadRunner RX7 Electric Scooter: What’s in the Box?

This premium electric scooter is so big it comes in two boxes. In addition to the scooter and its massive removable battery – the biggest removable battery we’ve ever seen on an electric scooter – you get:

  • Electric pump w/ flashlight – The first time we’ve ever seen an electric pump packaged with an electric scooter 🙂
  • Spare axle covers
  • Stem clamp wrench
  • Steering damper
  • Branded accessory bag
  • Toolkit w/ tire levers and rim guards; ratchet wrench; tool set w/ valve cores and sockets; valve stem adaptor; security torx screw for the brakes; set of Allen wrenches; charger; two sets of keys

RoadRunner RX7 Charger

The RX7’s charger is a big one, 5 amps, 84 volts, and it will fully charge the 3,780Wh battery in 9 hours from empty.

The charger has a fan to keep it cool, so it might be a little noisy if you’re in the same room. But it’s a very nice addition to this scooter’s stock kit, and because there are two charging ports, you can add a second charger for a total of 10 amps and 4.5 hours of charging time.

RoadRunner RX7 electric scooter

RoadRunner RX7 Lights

We did our initial unboxing in the daytime but the Luminor electroluminescent lighting is still very impressive. Sometimes it looks a little more white, sometimes a little more blue, but it’s definitely an ice blue in person.

The headlight is very bright, with a spread so wide you might not need to supplement it with any other lights when riding at night.

RoadRunner RX7 Acceleration

Is the RX7 fast? This scooter delivers incredible acceleration (seriously, watch the video).

The zero to 30 time was 3.6 seconds, putting it in fifth place against the quickest electric scooters we’ve ever tested. So the RX7 beats the NAMI BURN-E 2 Max and comes in just behind the Inmotion RS off the starting line.

RX7 track

RoadRunner RX7 Top Speed

Of course, what everyone REALLY wants to know is…. Does the RX7 really go 70 mph? Well, here we go:

The Roadrunner RX-7 went 66.53 miles per hour in the eastbound direction and then 59.85 against the wind going the other way. When we average those together to cancel out any headwind or tailwind, we get an ESG official top speed of 63.2 miles per hour. That puts this scooter in fourth place against the fastest electric scooters we have ever tested, coming just ahead of the Dualtron X Limited and right behind the Teewing Mars XTR.

HOWEVER, we’ve always known that our top speeds tend to come out a little bit lower than other reported top speeds. That’s because we don’t just pick the highest number when the wind is at our back. We take a bi-directional average to cancel out any effective headwind or tailwind.

But here’s another factor that I just discovered. We’re at sea level in California. So, we have like the thickest air you can get. And the guys at Roadrunner are testing at 5,000 feet in Colorado. My 63.2 miles per hour would scale to 69 or 70 if I tested at 5,000 feet.

That’s all for now, but we’re just getting started. We’ll be doing many more test runs for our full review in the coming days, so stay tuned and make sure to follow us on social media and subscribe on YouTube for the latest updates.

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