The RoadRunner RX7: Most Anticipated E-Scooter of 2024

What do you think of when you hear the scooter name RoadRunner RX7? If the legendary rotary-engine two-seater Mazda built for almost a quarter of a century comes to mind, you’re far from alone. For many car enthusiasts, the RX-7 was the ultimate modding platform. Maybe you built your own street rocket or modded out a virtual version in Gran Turismo or drove its 2021 “second coming.” 

But, no doubt, those who follow electric scooter news have heard the buzz about a different RX7 (no dash). Did RoadRunner scooters think of the Mazda two-seater when naming their new flagship? (How could they not?). If the new RoadRunner RX7 has anything in common with the car, a desire to mod it out will not be of those things. This scooter already comes with hundreds of dollars of mods pre-installed.

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On the RoadRunner RX7, All the Mods Come Stock


Choice appointments on the RX7 include Magura MT5e four piston hydraulic brakes, the highest spec brakes we’ve seen on an electric scooter. (They’re also on the EMOVE Roadster, currently the fastest electric scooter in production with an ESG-tested 72.1 mph top speed.)

The MT5es are typically used as premium e-bike brakes, and have some of the most legendary stopping power (and most glowing long-term reviews) on the market. 

The RX7 also comes with dual adjustable KKE Hydraulic Suspension and 11×4 PMT “B Stradale” racing tires. These are made from rubber, while almost all other electric scooter tires are made out of nylon, not the best material for traction at higher speeds. 

And this is the first electric scooter to use electroluminescent paint (in addition to two bright LED headlamps). The coating glows a bright icy blue in the dark, making sure you’ll be seen at night from the rear, front, sides, and even above, just because. 

The Biggest Removable Battery Yet

A view of RoadRunner RX7 from above shows off its massive 27” x 11” deck, an enormously spacious platform almost as big as the ultra-stable Dualtron X Limited.

Tucked under the deck is the largest removable battery we’ve ever seen on an electric scooter, a Samsung-made 2880 Watt-hour battery RoadRunner says can produce up to 70 miles of range per charge.   

rx7 port birdseye 1

Finally (not really, but we’ll get to the rest in our full review), the RX7 has a steering damper for added stability because… well, it promises to be fast as hell – up to 70 miles per hour according to RoadRunner. With two 1800W motors and a combined peak power of  8000W, we can believe it’s capable, but we’ll only see for sure when we get it on our testing track. 

Until then, check out RoadRunner’s hype video for their new hyperscooter at the top, check out Mitchell’s review of RoadRunner’s feature-stuffed, 40-mph D4+ 4.0 just above, and keep it moving.

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