Save Big on Roadrunner Scooters + Get $50 Off with our Code

Based in Denver, CO and founded just last year, Roadrunner electric scooters makes dual-motor performance scooters that seriously compete with other major brands when it comes to speed, power, range, ride quality, reliability, and overall value.

This month, the competition will have to work even harder to keep up with Roadrunner scooters when it comes to price, since every single Roadrunner is on sale for several hundred dollars off regular price, with an extra $50 off each model when you use coupon code RG50.

We’ve just reviewed the Roadrunner RS5 Pro/Max, an update of last year’s RS5/RS5+, with major upgrades in every way. This 40-mph scooter with dual hydraulic suspension is now going for just $2,299, down from the original price of $2,699.

The Roadrunner D4+ 2.0 is back in stock and also selling for $400 off — pick one up now for the ridiculously low price of $1,199, or step up to the D4+ 4.0 for $1,499, down from its full price of $1,899.

AND, the revolutionary, new, “electroluminescent,” hyper scooter, the RX7 (not the car, the scooter) has arrived! And it’s $800 off! Act now and grab one of these incredible, high-powered machines for only $3,999 + get an additional $50 every scooter on sale on the Roadrunner site with the coupon code RG50.

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