Preview the EMOVE Cruiser V2

the emove cruiser v2 deck
The EMOVE Cruiser V2 has the same spacious, longboard-like deck of the original

Voro Motors’ EMOVE Cruiser has been one of the best-selling electric scooters in the world for a few years now, and there’s little doubt about why. It’s the longest-range electric scooter you can buy for under $1,500, with over 40 miles of ESG-tested range on a single charge.

The Cruiser also has one of the highest IP ratings for wet weather riding, and it’s got a top speed and acceleration that beats most of its competition.

The Cruiser and its upgrade, the 2023 Cruiser S are two of our favorite single motor electric scooters for all the reasons above plus that indefinable characteristic we call ride quality. Riding the Cruiser is a little like street surfing on a longboard, with emphases on surfing, since the scooter’s tubeless tires and suspension send it coasting over most bumps in the road.

EMOVE scooters like the Cruiser and Touring have well-deserved reputations for great performance at an affordable price. They also have relied on older designs that work well but have some rough edges many newer scooter models have smoothed over the years.

Cruiser owners know that for all its virtues, the scooter has some faults, and they’ve been waiting for a re-design for years. Well, the Cruiser V2 is finally coming, and we’ve got a little sneak peak of what to expect. The changes are pretty major, and they’re more than cosmetic.

new cruiser front suspension copy

We can’t show you more photos yet, but check out the new specs down below for yourself and use your imagination. What we can say is that this re-design preserves all the good of the Cruiser (in our opinion): its long, surfboard-like deck and high clearance, adjustable stem, and plug-and-play components. And, of course, the Cruiser V2 will still have the model’s legendary range.

EMOVE Cruiser V2 Updates

Upgrades include a new center-mounted LCD display that will, no doubt, be much easier to navigate when it comes time to change your settings.

The headlight has moved up from its place near the front fender, the charging port has moved, and the handlebars are now a standard 31.8mm stem mount, meaning they can easily be swapped for any bars you like.

Also that too-fragile rear fender got a total redesign for the better.

cruiser charge port

We can’t imagine anyone being unhappy with these changes. When will we get a full reveal and release date? Soon, we hope. In the meantime, see all the updates below.

The EMOVE CRUISER V2 – What’s New?

  • Self-Lock Folding Mechanism: Unlike traditional folding mechanisms that require you to hook the stem onto the tail of the scooter, the new self-lock mechanism is entirely unique and the first of its kind in the market.
  • 62 Miles on a Single Charge: The range remains the same despite the increased acceleration on the Cruiser V2.
  • Braided Cables: Similar to those on the Roadrunner Pro.
  • Elevated Headlight: Now featured on the Cruiser V2.
  • Hand Grips: Same OEM grips as the Wolf King GT, making it easier to switch to aftermarket hand grips.
  • Hybrid Tubeless Tires.
  • True Split Rim Motor: Like the Roadrunner Pro.
  • Full Plug and Play Mechanism: From external wiring to internal wiring.
  • 3-Wire Internal Configuration: Eliminates the previous bird nest style of controller wiring.
  • Center LCD Display: Easier to see under the sun.
  • 1-Piece Rear Tail Light.
  • Tire Hugger: Replacing the older fender with a rear tail light.
  • Plug and Play Rear Motor.
  • Charging Port: Moved from the side to the center of the Cruiser, bolted in with just three screws.
  • Tallest Handlebar in the Industry: Extends up to 5’2″, making it accessible for tall riders who want a scooter that isn’t as bulky as the RS Midnight.
  • Standard 31.8mm Handlebars: For aftermarket compatibility.
  • Color Options: Comes in Satin Black, Chameleon White, Orange, and Army Green. The white paint contains special pigments that reflect light differently under darker lighting conditions.
Cruiser v2 rear fender

Top: Preview the EMOVE Cruiser V2

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