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In Wayne County, Indiana, the Western Wayne News recently highlighted the success of the “Every Day Counts” program, celebrating the importance of consistent school attendance through exciting giveaways. This community initiative, formerly known as “School is Cool,” rewarded nearly 1,000 elementary, middle, and high school students who met attendance requirements with prizes. Elementary students received scooters, middle schoolers got electric scooters, and high schoolers were gifted Cincinnati Reds tickets. High school seniors were especially pampered with prizes worth up to $500, with the top prize being a car valued at $26,000. This engaging program, supported by the Wayne County Area Chamber of Commerce and local radio station G101.3, aims to highlight the significance of education and foster consistent attendance among students. Have you ever wondered how to encourage better attendance among students in your school district? Well, Wayne County, Indiana has found an innovative way to tackle the challenge of student attendance with a program called “Every Day Counts.” This initiative rewards students who showcase consistent attendance with an array of exciting prizes, from scooters to Cincinnati Reds tickets, and even a car!


In an era where student attendance can significantly impact academic success, the Wayne County Area Chamber of Commerce (WCACC) has introduced a program that motivates students to be present every single day. Originally known as “School is Cool,” the newly revamped “Every Day Counts” giveaways have made a significant difference in local schools. With nearly 1,000 students meeting the criteria this year, the program has clearly been successful.

What is the “Every Day Counts” Program?

“Every Day Counts” is an initiative designed to encourage students across Wayne County to attend school regularly. The program involves distributing exciting and valuable prizes to students with good attendance records. Spearheaded by the WCACC, this project underscores the importance of consistent attendance and aims to foster a positive and engaging school environment.

The Evolution of the Program

Initially branded as “School is Cool,” the program has undergone significant changes over the years. The rebranding to “Every Day Counts” reflects a stronger focus on the importance of daily attendance and aims to inculcate the value of consistency in the students.

Students Attendance Rewarded Through Every Day Counts Giveaways

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Rewards and Recognition

To make school attendance more appealing, “Every Day Counts” offers a variety of enticing rewards. The WCACC team carefully selects prizes that cater to different age groups, making sure everyone has something to look forward to.

Rewards for Elementary School Students

Elementary school students who maintain good attendance receive scooters as their prize. Imagine the thrill of riding a brand-new scooter to school! This reward not only brings joy but also promotes an active lifestyle among younger students.

Student Name School Prize
Hailey Burdge Northeastern Elementary Scooter
Bella Kidd Hagerstown Elementary Scooter
Brayleigh Walker Wayne County Elementary Scooter
Sylas Sink Hagerstown Elementary Scooter
Adalynn Wickett Wayne County Elementary Scooter

Rewards for Middle School Students

Students in middle school are awarded electric scooters. These high-tech gadgets are a step up from the regular scooters, catering to the interests and age of these students. It’s a fantastic way to motivate this transitional age group to come to school regularly.

Student Name School Prize
Rebecca Walcott Northeastern Middle School Electric Scooter
Khalijah Reid Wayne County Middle School Electric Scooter
Terra Howard Wayne County Middle School Electric Scooter
Hudson Rainer Wayne County Middle School Electric Scooter
Leigha Cones Wayne County Middle School Electric Scooter

Rewards for High School Students

High school students have had the chance to earn Cincinnati Reds tickets. The excitement of attending a live baseball game with friends and family is a fantastic incentive. Additionally, other prizes like gift cards, AirPods, and tablets, valued between $50 and $500, were given out.

Student Name School Prize
Bella Nichelle Chambers Wayne County High School Reds Tickets
Penelope Anguiano Wayne County High School Reds Tickets
Preston Bean Wayne County High School Reds Tickets
Sunny Li Wayne County High School Reds Tickets
Gauge Eldridge Wayne County High School Reds Tickets

Grand Prize for Seniors

During the annual celebration for high school seniors, one fortunate student walked away with a life-changing reward – a car worth $26,000! Northeastern’s Garen Sharp was the lucky winner, with the help of Wetzel Auto.

The Role of the Community

The success of the “Every Day Counts” program is a result of the collective effort from the entire community, including local businesses and radio stations. For instance, G101.3 played a role in delivering these prizes, enhancing the program’s reach and impact.

Contributions from Local Businesses

Local businesses have been a backbone for the program, providing substantial support and sponsorships. Wetzel Auto, in particular, has showcased immense generosity by contributing the grand prize of a car, encouraging students to keep up their attendance until graduation.

Media Partners

Media outlets like G101.3 have also been instrumental in spreading the word and generating excitement for the program. By broadcasting updates and announcements, they keep the community engaged and aware of the importance of student attendance.

Students Attendance Rewarded Through Every Day Counts Giveaways

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Stories of Success

The impact of the “Every Day Counts” program can be seen and felt across Wayne County. From elementary to high school, students are more motivated than ever to maintain their attendance, thanks to the enticing rewards. Below are some inspiring stories from this year’s recipients.

Elementary School Success: Sylas Sink

Sylas Sink from Hagerstown Elementary was overjoyed to receive his scooter. With a smile stretching ear to ear, he shared how the program has made going to school something to look forward to each day.

Middle School Highlight: Brantley Morris

Northeastern Middle School student Brantley Morris couldn’t contain his excitement when receiving his electric scooter. For him, the reward represents a tangible acknowledgment of his efforts to maintain good attendance.

High School Dream: Carson Hawk

For Carson Hawk from Lincoln High School, receiving Cincinnati Reds baseball tickets was a dream come true. As a sports enthusiast, this reward motivated him to keep his attendance record pristine.

Future of the “Every Day Counts” Program

Looking ahead, the “Every Day Counts” initiative has plans to expand further. The WCACC continues to seek partnerships and sponsorships to maintain and grow the program, ensuring that more students are reached, and attendance rates improve consistently.

Expansion Goals

One of the goals is to introduce more diverse prizes that cater to different interests and needs of students. By doing so, the program can keep the excitement and interest levels high.

Community Involvement

Increasing community involvement is another critical focus. The program aims to involve more community stakeholders, ensuring that the value of education and consistent attendance is a community-wide initiative.

Students Attendance Rewarded Through Every Day Counts Giveaways

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The “Every Day Counts” program has proven to be a remarkable success in Wayne County, Indiana. By rewarding students for their consistent attendance with exciting and meaningful prizes, the WCACC has not only improved attendance rates but also fostered a community spirit focused on education. If you’re looking to implement a similar program in your area, Wayne County’s approach offers an inspiring and effective model worth considering.

Whether you’re a parent, educator, or community member, everyone can play a part in valuing and promoting regular school attendance. Because truly, every day counts!

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