Man Run Over by E-Scooter Rider Outside Macy’s Hospitalized with Serious Head Trauma

Tragedy struck outside Macy’s in Herald Square on a bustling Saturday evening when an e-scooter rider jumped the curb, resulting in a serious accident. You would feel the immense shock and sadness hearing that a 51-year-old man was rushed to Bellevue Hospital with severe head trauma, and a 43-year-old woman was also struck in the incident. With the rider and woman in stable condition, the aftermath highlights the growing concerns over the increasing number of e-scooters and similar vehicles crowding New York City’s already congested streets. The city, grappling with these incidents, faces calls for stricter regulations to prevent such heartbreaking events from recurring. Have you ever wondered about the sudden rise in e-scooter incidents and their impact on pedestrian safety?

Man Run Over by E-Scooter Rider Outside Macys Hospitalized with Serious Head Trauma

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A Shocking Incident in Herald Square

On a bustling Saturday evening in Herald Square, an alarming incident unfolded. A man riding an electric scooter jumped the curb, colliding with two pedestrians right outside Macy’s flagship store. The hustle and bustle of New York City reached a dreadful climax as the crash left a 51-year-old man with serious head trauma, rendering him hospitalized in a critical state. The scene amplified the already fraught discussions about the safety of e-scooters and other electric vehicles on crowded city streets.

Details of the Accident

According to the New York Police Department (NYPD), the unfortunate event occurred around 9:15 p.m. at the intersection of 34th Street and Sixth Avenue. The 23-year-old scooter rider lost control and veered onto the sidewalk, subsequently hitting a 51-year-old man and a 43-year-old woman.

The man was rushed to Bellevue Hospital due to severe head injuries, and reports indicate his condition is critical. Meanwhile, the woman and the e-scooter rider were taken to the hospital but are reported to be in stable condition.

Growing Concerns Over E-Scooter Safety

This tragic incident isn’t an isolated case but part of a growing concern about the proliferation of e-scooters, mopeds, and e-bikes on New York’s already congested streets. These vehicles, while offering a modern solution to urban transportation, also pose risks when operated unsafely or unlawfully. Such concerns were recently highlighted at a town hall meeting in Jackson Heights, Queens, where residents voiced their worries about these electric vehicles operating in areas reserved for pedestrian and recreational use.

A Broader Context of Pedestrian Safety

New York City’s Mayor, Eric Adams, has been vocal about the dangers posed by these vehicles. In a tweet earlier this month, he commented on how “illegal and dangerous vehicles, like mopeds and scooters, have been terrorizing our people for far too long.” His statement underscores the urgency to address the hazards these vehicles create, especially in densely populated areas.

However, it’s crucial to remember that traditional vehicle drivers still represent a more significant danger to pedestrians in New York City. NYPD data has shown that at least 117 people, including 53 pedestrians, have lost their lives in car crashes since the start of 2024. While e-scooters and e-bikes have been involved in only four of those fatalities, their rising numbers could lead to increased risks if not adequately managed.

Man Run Over by E-Scooter Rider Outside Macys Hospitalized with Serious Head Trauma

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Legal and Investigative Proceedings

As of now, the NYPD has not identified any of the three people involved in the latest crash. Investigations are ongoing, and charges have yet to be pressed against the e-scooter rider. The incident casts a spotlight on the existing laws and their enforcement concerning electric vehicles and pedestrian safety.

The Role of Local News and Public Support

Incidents like these highlight the importance of informed and engaged local communities. For instance, Gothamist, a non-profit newsroom powered by WNYC, plays a crucial role in keeping New Yorkers updated on such critical developments. Their coverage of local news, arts, events, and food makes them an essential voice in the city. By supporting organizations like Gothamist, you can help ensure that vital news remains accessible to all, fostering a well-informed public that can advocate for necessary changes.

Man Run Over by E-Scooter Rider Outside Macys Hospitalized with Serious Head Trauma

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The Broader Implications for Urban Transportation

The growing popularity of e-scooters and similar vehicles reflects a shift toward sustainable and efficient urban transportation. However, their integration into city life must be managed carefully to balance the benefits with the potential risks. Cities worldwide face similar challenges, and solutions often require multifaceted approaches, including policy changes, stricter enforcement of existing laws, and public awareness campaigns.

Immediate Reactions and Future Plans

In the wake of such incidents, city officials and law enforcement agencies often reassess their strategies to enhance public safety. Whether it’s introducing new legislation, improving infrastructure like designated lanes for e-scooters, or ramping up enforcement efforts, proactive measures are essential. Community involvement, such as town hall meetings, can also drive meaningful changes by bringing diverse perspectives and ideas to the forefront.

E-Scooter Safety Tips for Riders

If you’re an e-scooter rider or considering using one, it’s crucial to follow safety guidelines to protect yourself and others:

  1. Wear a Helmet: Always wear a helmet to reduce the risk of head injuries.
  2. Follow Traffic Rules: Adhere to traffic signals and signs, just like other vehicles.
  3. Stay on the Road: Avoid riding on sidewalks unless local laws permit.
  4. Be Aware of Your Surroundings: Stay vigilant for pedestrians, vehicles, and other obstacles.
  5. Don’t Speed: Keep your speed within safe limits, especially in crowded areas.
  6. Stay Sober: Never ride an e-scooter under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

E-Scooter Safety Tips for Pedestrians

As a pedestrian, you can also take steps to stay safe around e-scooters:

  1. Stay Alert: Be aware of your surroundings, especially in areas with heavy e-scooter traffic.
  2. Use Crosswalks: Always cross streets at designated crosswalks and obey traffic signals.
  3. Make Eye Contact: Ensure that e-scooter riders and drivers see you before crossing their path.
  4. Educate Yourself: Familiarize yourself with the local regulations regarding e-scooters to know what to expect.

Comparing Risks: Vehicles vs. E-Scooters

To better understand the risks posed by e-scooters compared to traditional vehicles, let’s look at some statistics from the NYPD data:

Category Number of Fatalities (2024)
Car Crashes 117
E-Scooter Crashes 4
E-Bike Crashes 4

While e-scooter and e-bike fatalities are significantly lower than those from car crashes, the increasing prevalence of these electric vehicles necessitates a balanced approach to managing their use and ensuring public safety.


The alarming incident outside Macy’s serves as a sobering reminder of the potential dangers posed by e-scooters and the pressing need for stringent safety measures. As urban transportation evolves, so must our strategies to safeguard all city dwellers. Whether you’re a pedestrian, an e-scooter rider, or a city official, staying informed and vigilant is key to creating a safer environment for everyone.

By supporting local news sources like Gothamist and participating in community discussions, you can contribute to a more informed and proactive approach to urban safety. Let’s work together to ensure that our cities remain vibrant and safe spaces for all their inhabitants.

Feel free to share your thoughts or experiences with e-scooters in your area. How do you think cities can better manage the integration of these vehicles? Your insights might just spark the next big idea in urban transportation safety!

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