Top Ten Apollo Pro Accessories

The Apollo Pro 2023 is the most luxurious, most high-tech ride you can buy for under $4,000. It’s got everything you need to replace your car:

Apollo Pro 2023 cover pic

Plenty of power for ripping up hills and hitting over-44mph speeds in traffic; 360-degree lighting for maximum visibility; big, 12″ tires and adjustable suspension, IoT-embedded sensors for data analytics and frequent firmware updates; the option to use your phone as the primary display…. we could go on…..

But even with all this built-in swag, you’re going to need a few accessories to complete the package. Below, we’ve put together the top ten Apollo Pro accessories to get you started. And guess what? Many of these work great for other scooters too!

Apollo Pro display 1

quad lock case

1. Quad Lock Phone Case — $29.00 – $44.00

The Apollo Pro is the first electric scooter to let you use your phone as your primary display, as long as you purchase a proprietary Quad Lock phone case.

Make sure you find the right case for your phone, and you’re off. Or, if you’d rather use the cool-looking, built-in dot-matrix display, you can mount your phone on the handlebars with this Apollo phone mount.

Top: Top Ten Apollo Pro Accessories

Closca loop

2. Closca Loop Folding Helmet — $79.90

If you can’t carry a bulky helmet around with you but you want to protect your most valuable asset, your brain, then the Closca foldable helmet for both men and women is a great choice.

It’s got a two-year warranty, comes highly recommended by users, and promises to fit every head with its LOOP system. 

Top: Top Ten Apollo Pro Accessories

3. Apollo Bag — $50.00

Travel light – that is, without a heavy backpack weighing you down. This Apollo branded bag is fully waterproof to keep your wallet and phone dry while you ride.

Inside are dividers, pockets, and a key clip to keep things organized. The bag attaches to the scooter with four simple velcro straps and will fit all Apollo electric scooters.

Top: Top Ten Apollo Pro Accessories

Apollo lock

4. Etook Folding Lock — $110.00

The Apollo Pro has plenty of built-in security. No software solution can stop thieves from physically picking up your scooter and carrrying it away, however. That’s why you should lock up your scooter with a high quality lock whenever you leave it.

This folding lock from Etook is make from 5mm hardened steel links that resist saws, drills, and lock cutters. It includes a bracket that lets you mount the lock the scooter.

Top: Top Ten Apollo Pro Accessories

RedArmorDillozTireSealant 8oz EnhancedTool 1024x1024@2x copy

5. Armor Dilloz Tire Sealant — $28.00

The Apollo Pro’s 12″ self-healing tubeless tires don’t need a lot of maintenance, but you should add additional sealant at least every six months.

In the rare case that you do get a puncture too deep for the tire to heal, Armor Dilloz promises an extra level of security. “Using advanced sealant technology created for the military, Armor-Dilloz is the world’s most incredible tire sealant.”

Top: Top Ten Apollo Pro Accessories

scooter strap

6. Scooter Shoulder Strap — $12.99

Need to carry your folded scooter in a less awkward position? Portability doesn’t always mean comfortable carrying, especially when your scooter weighs almost 100 lbs.

This adjustable shoulder strap should find a place to attach on almost any scooter frame and makes toting your scooter much less tiring. 

Top: Top Ten Apollo Pro Accessories

rubber ducky bell

7. Rubber Ducky Bell — $9.99

Let other people know you’re coming with the adorable Duck Bike Bell. This beloved accessory is great for the bike trail – not so much for the road where you’ll need a horn to get attention (the Apollo Pro has one).

It’s the cutest way to alert pedestrians and comes with a variety of different helmets.

Top: Top Ten Apollo Pro Accessories

big cup holder

8. Large Capacity Cup Holder — $17.99

A cup holder is one thing.

A cup holder that holds your Nalgene or Stanley Tumbler, and your phone, keys, wallet, etc…. That’s something else.

Top: Top Ten Apollo Pro Accessories

folding floor stand

9. Folding Floor Stand — $34.99 

Whether you park your Apollo Pro in the house or the garage, you can be sure it will stay put and won’t fall over when you secure it with a stand.

Protect your investment. Make sure kids or pets don’t knock over your Pro and damage its handlebar-end turn signals or other parts.

Top: Top Ten Apollo Pro Accessories

hanger hook

10. Shopping Bag Hanger — $11.99

Do your shopping on the fly and hang your bags securely from this hook.

This accessory should mount to most scooter stems and won’t get in your way when not in use.

Top: Top Ten Apollo Pro Accessories

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